The Quality Senior Care Services Offered By Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is currently managing over 20 homes which are located in the Southern U.K. Founded in 1985; the company offers quality services to residents that regularly suffer from the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, motor neuron diseases, dementia, spine lesions, and other traumatic injuries. The experts and competent staff at Sussex Healthcare can provide services throughout, and specialists have several sessions in which they offer reflexology, hydrotherapy, and aromatherapy. These services are critical for the well-being of clients.


Sussex Healthcare usually organizes group sessions which focus towards hydrotherapy. Various studies have revealed that these programs can greatly improve flexibility, strength individual joints, reduce soreness, and maximize patient well being. Hydrotherapy offered by Sussex is aimed at reducing symptoms of treatment which may significantly increase blood flow or damage discs.


In case a resident chooses a service that is related to reflexology, he or she could receive massage which can reduce soreness, prevent stiffness at the joints, and improve muscle flexibility. The massages offered by Sussex can also increase hormone levels which boost energy, improve focus, reduce anxiety, and increase bone intensity.

Designing crafts

The institution organizes different types of activities for clients to create crafts. Reports have shown that such sessions are important as they increase the likelihood of creativity, reduce soreness, improve memory, and reduce possible joint stiffness. Sussex Healthcare includes the residents in the design and development of custom designs for particular themes.

Using a new gym

Sussex recently launched new gym equipment which features treadmills, rooms for group classes and weightlifting, and machines with cables. The gym has several stationary bikes that are designed to enhance neurological conditions. In addition, Sussex Healthcare’s fitness center has a pool with equipment to maximize swimming benefits. Because of the competitive nature of the trainers, patients are helped to maximize movements that would improve their conditions.

Sussex has diverse benefits for individuals who need intensive care. The firm is accredited by Health Quality Service which has examined all its equipment and services. The company has experienced specialist to ensure that services offered are above standard.


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