Cassio Audi; Shifting From Rock Music To Financial Services

For many people, rock music is more of an identity that a genre of music. From the emotions it leaves them with to the comforting feeling it injects into some, rock music has vastly become one the most embraced music genres for most individuals. Since the 1960s when it was first launched into the market, it has dramatically impacted on the society.

Background Look

When speaking of rock music and its impact on the society, Cassio Audi is one individual who comes up as an admired rock artist who contributed to the growth of the genre since 1985 when he joined three friends to form a group called Viper Band. Felipe, Andre, Pit as well as Yves made an impressive group that shook Brazil’s music industry in many ways.

The Release of the Albums

As a team, they played different types of rock genres. However, metal rock was their best because they were good at producing the music. Audi was an excellent drummer, and since rock music was nothing the instruments, he became the lead singer of the band. Because he loved people, Audi tried to associate with his fans on a personal level. For that reason, his fans reciprocated his love by attending his shows.

The Outline

Audi played a pivotal role in coming up with music. For instance, he was the lead composer in Killera, Nightmare as well as Princess from Hell. These songs garnered a huge following from the fans. Moreover, he supported the band in coming up with their albums. The first album was named Soldiers of Sunset while the second one was called Theater of Fate. In both albums, he was the drummer. Therefore, like the music, these albums won the hearts of his fans. In a few years , they started landing major performance gigs in Europe and the United States of America. It was during these gigs that Audi sought to explore a different line of career. Finance it was. Over the years, Audi has accomplished so much as a financial services provider who helps Brazilians to plan ahead of their lives.

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