Graeme Holm And Infinity Group Upend Australian Lending Practices

Graeme Holm’s first decade working in the Australian financial sector was full of lessons and challenges. His certifications in finance, real estate, and planning were being put to use but he became disillusioned with the value he felt he was contributing to his customers. He used his second decade in the industry to do something about that.


The realization that Australia’s banks were taking advantage of the country’s homebuyers and families was a life changer for Holm. With that in mind, he helped found his own brokerage firm, Infinity Group Australia. Infinity was created as alternative to traditional brokerage firms, with a focus on supporting families through both stressful times of financial needs as well as more joyous occasions like home ownership.


Having seen firsthand what traditional banks were doing to lure homebuyers into situations that were financially risky, Holm set out to make Infinity’s loan process thorough and comprehensive. The firm takes an honest accounting of a family’s financial health and helps create a realistic budget together. Holm is quick to emphasize that the process takes time, but the resulting relationship is valuable to customer and lender.


Infinity also operates on an open and transparent fee schedule, ensuring families are aware of all obligations to the firm from the start. The trust that goes into a building a successful financial relationship is, for Holm, a two-way street.


Once the loan is approved, the differences between Infinity and traditional lenders become more stark. At this point in the process most brokers believe their work is complete. Infinity takes a different approach, assigning clients to their own personal banker who is tasked with guiding the family to loan resolution as quickly and painlessly as possible. This also includes a monthly and biannually monitoring of the family’s financial situation, making adjustments where needed.


For Graeme Holm, the biggest factor in a family’s financial health is access to credit. Infinity’s budgeting process comes with a strict, no-credit policy. Instead, families are furnished with a debit card which replaces a credit card’s flexibility with real cash. You can’t spend what you don’t have and debit cards ensure that remains true. While Holm finds that some clients initially balk at this loss of control, they tend to come around as their debt begins to rapidly dissolve away. That moment for Holm is why he created Infinity in the first place. Learn more:

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