Glen Wakeman; an influential business owner

Glen Wakeman is a successful visionary entrepreneur. In the University of Scranton, he attained his degree in Economics and Finance also MBA at the University of Chicago. He is the head and founder of Launchpad Holdings, which he established in 2015. It is a service company providing important tips to the new entrepreneurs. He enables them to realize their targets and make them reach where they plan.

What other posts has he held? His experiences at GE capital for 20 years allowed him to attain skills, as he was the CEO. As the boss, Glen managed to produce many assets with the few employees. In his career, he had the chance of working and living in 6 countries such Europe, Asia, South Africa among others. His job was to control various operations in various parts of the country where he became a specialist in the country in regional management and other fields. Before founding Launchpad, he created Nova Four, which is a business accelerator (Businesswire). It provides him with the opportunity of advising people and can access capital. Because of his devotion, he obtained various awards locally, nationally and internationally.

What motivated Launchpad foundation? Many entrepreneurs did not succeed in business, and Glen Wakeman saw the need to find the reason why. Later, he found out that the entrepreneurs had no plan to support their ideas. As a result, he established Launchpad, which will guide the starters. Early stage entrepreneurs’ ideas are made practical plans. Services offered are affordable and takes a shorter time to gain knowledge.

When starting a new business, it is important to have a financial plan says Glen. Hence, provides a guide through his verified 5 phases of performance tactics. The stages deal with threat management, human assets, leadership and implementation in business. The five elements help entrepreneurs when a problem comes up and throughout their venture. As an experienced expert in the transformation of business, he has a blog, which advises his clients on various subjects such as management, upcoming markets, administration and more.

Making mistakes and taking risks is are important aspects in venturing into a business. Glen Wakeman advises his clients on taking risks and making the best out of it ( He is a good mentor and an investor.


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