Upwork’s Tips for Tasks

Nothing can be more overwhelming than trying to tackle a list of tasks that seems all but insurmountable. While reading an article on Upwork, I came across some very effective tips that will help you tackle what seems like even the toughest of lists.

Defining your priorities is a strong tool to use. This is important because it helps you decide which tasks are the most important and which you should be spending the most time completing. As we all know the dreaded unforseen event occurs and you’re stuck scrambling on getting all of your tasks done. This then turns into a stressor and sends you into a stress filled panic. This could be avoided if you have your list set to priorities and when the unforeseen occurs you are ready with your plan of action.

Re-evaluating your tasks is something you should do often. My wife calls it procrastination, but me I now call it re-evaluation. By re-evaluating your tasks you can decide if the effort put into that task you keep avoiding is worth the trade off in time it would take to complete. They say that even the time you spend wasting while thinking about that low level task is time taken away from the important task you have. It is said you should re-evaluate your running to-do list once a week to see if the priority of any of the tasks have changed,

Delegation is a powerful tool! It is something that you should use when you can. Having a task and then delegating a subtask to a colleague is a great thing. It not only takes stress off of you, but it gets more work done in the same amount of time. This is a strategy that many successful managers and business owners use.

These tips should be used as often as possible. Tips like these are not only powerful for a manager of a high powered company, but can also work for a stay at home parent trying to make sense of their tasks and trying to figure out how to complete them.


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