Securus Looks Back on 2017 and Looks Ahead to 2018

The year 2017 was a banner year for Securus Technologies, and as we reflect on our year, we equally invite our readers to view our upcoming project. In summary, the past year revolved around purchasing GovPayNet, building a Wireless Containment Solutions program, and keeping our customer service department satisfactory. In fact, our customer service received the highest honor in the Stevie Award. The upcoming project for 2018 is drone detection technology, which is now complete and ready for distribution.


Returning to the Stevie Award, Securus Technologies capped off 2017 with three Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. Securus congratulates the Corporate Escalations team for winning gold in the category Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year. We extend congratulations to the Video Visitation Team for winning bronze in the category Front-Lone Customer Service Team. Last, we congratulate Zelperita Jackson, our customer service manager, for winning silver in the Customer Service Professional of the Year category. The Stevie Awards reward companies for superb customer service performance as judged by seven specialized judging committees.


Securus shows no signs of slowing down in 2018. Recent complaints from correctional facilities mention an increase in drone misuse. Inmates are using drones to transport contraband cell phones, weapons, and drugs overhead without security detection. Inspired by recent headlines, the company is countering the disturbing trend by creating drone detection technology on active pilot programs. The technology counters drones by using a digital antennae structure infrastructure similar to last year’s Wireless Containment Solutions product. We worked on this product for 18 months, and it’s ready for release. Nonetheless, we will continue trial-and-error tests to resolve buggy components to strengthen the program.


In closing, Securus will stay ahead of disturbing trends by creating software to counterattack an inmate’s attack. Thanks to customers like you, we allow our past success to guide us toward future ones.


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