Jed McCaleb Revolutionizing Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency

It has been predicted that cyrpto-currency will change the way that stockmarkets, fundraising and global payments are handled in the future by Jeb McCaleb, a longtime developer. Starting with the bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, McCaleb has been involved with a number of the largest crypto organizations. He is Stellar’s chief technology officer, focusing on a network of crypto-currency for payments across borders. Jed McCaleb has shared his views with about the technology of the underlying blockchain and the cryptocurrency that will become more stable in coming years.




McCaleb believes it is clear that there will be a network for payments that is universal in the future. One that will allow people to see a public ledger while using currency that they are familiar with. The times for nework transactions are a maximum of five seconds which is significantly shorter than that of bitcoin, allowing currencies such as the euro and U.S. Dollar to be exchanged quickly. A cross border system of payments is being used by IBM for working with larger banks. There are also a number of markets taht the coin offerings have not hit yet.




Autonomous Next, a firm for financial research, says that in four years there have been almost nine billion in coin offerings. Regulators attention has been gotten by the increase in fraudulent fundraisers but token sales are a new fundraising model. Digital coins can be purchased by retail investors to contribute directly to a project. Jed McCaleb believes that stocks and other non-cryptoassets will use the same technology to become digital. McCaleb believes that it will likely be decentralized since he believes in the next decade all equity could be in blockchains.




There are a number of new businesses working to connect traditional markets with digital tokens. Investors in Securrency out of Maryland can use bitcoin to purchase stock in the company. Mt. Gox exchange for bitcoin was created by Jed McCaleb who sold it to Mark Karpeles during 2011. The exchanged filed for bankruptcy after being hacked while Karpeles owned it. McCaleb is co-founder of Ripple which has the third largest XRP copin by capitilzation of the market. In 2014 McCaleb became Stellar co-founder.

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