O2Pur: The New Metal

Many ways exist to invest and grow your money. You can focus on the tried and true product or service that rides the waves of time because they prove essential to daily living. Perhaps you research the DOW Jones Industrials (DJIA), the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Standard & Poor’s 500 (S&P500) and the NASDAQ, Inc. Composite (originally National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) to see which commodities and companies seem impervious to years of change and therefore esteem worthy of your hard earned dollar. They would show financial gains as their overall trend in good times and bad.

Among them you would find favorable numbers with Philip Morris Int’l, Reynolds-American, and British American tobacco companies; every one of which have embarked upon the eCig market. While relatively new, these industry giants have the research history and development models to make years seem like decades. They have found success with such eLiquid and eCig products and brands as: MarkTen, HNB (heat not burn), NeoStick, iQOS and Core. From the most lucrative angle, the new eCig that one or more of these giants will want to gobble up could prove to be your best new investment. That’s where O2PUR steps in the scene. Offering highly rivaled flavors, devices and membership plans, O2PUR has single-handedly found the way to satisfy the varied palettes of ejuicers.

However, after witnessing a wide number of successful companies from these indices, you may yet wonder which is best? How do I decide? Flip a coin? Pull numbers or little slips of paper out of a hat like that unlikely winner on Deal or No Deal? Though you may sense angst about where to invest, three keys to remember will help you keep your wits about you. One, choose a product or service that you use regularly. This way you’re able to experience first hand any relevant changes and can even suggest consumer needs through investor relations. An example here would include Johnson & Johnson or Visa Card. Whether you have a family or are single, chances are you make regular use of several products or services via an interface of J&J and/or Visa. Secondly, select a company that shows wisdom regarding the industry.

No one can succeed, whether as a company or an individual, without changing with the times. Is the company willing to adapt to the ever transforming current needs and demands of the consumer, the environment and industry regulations? In other words, has it proven its mettle? An example here would be General Electric. It’s way more than a just a light bulb today but the basis of it’s products still revolve around this original resolution. From your kitchen to the medical care of the field doctor, GE remains the leader of in its industry. Finally, given all positives on the prior two key points, what is the likelihood that the product or service shall remain relevant for the future consumer? No matter how great or well managed a company may seem today, without addressing a future need, it will become obsolete, ..obsolete in its purpose, plans and profits. An example here includes the pop-o-matic version of board games. When they were first introduced in the mid-1970’s, everyone thought that they would replace all versions and remain the must have in the toy world. Yet, less than ten years later, digital games would take over and leave Trouble dusting on the shelves.

Ultimately, when choosing from among the new kids on the block, trending products and services call out to you. Yes, there’s the occassional ground breaking invention but unless it’s your own patent, as a merchant, go with what the people say they want. That is their voice expressed to you through their pockets. And nowadays in the ejuice market, O2PUR is what’s right next to their keys and chapstick.

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