David McDonald: Taking Risks

Taking risks is something that we must do in life if we truly seek to reach the finer things. Most of the time the best things are behind the wall of security and fear that we don’t want to cross. But taking the step into something new when you already have a good or successful situation can provide joy and opportunities that are unforeseeable. There is one person who can back up this claim as he is a direct example of stepping out and going that extra mile. David McDonald Is the man I’m referencing.

David McDonald started off just like the most of us. He was born and raised in an Iowa town. David attended the college of Iowa state University. He always had a love for biology and agriculture and so graduated with a degree in Animal Science. From here he worked up to a nice and excellent job as the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. This is no job to frown at and is very good.

David McDonald decided to instead of sticking with this very good position to go over to OSI group a company that specializes in manufacturing processed meats and other foods. OSI is a huge company with divisions in over 60 countries. He would only be a project manager but made the transition anyway. This turned out to be a good decision, as David in time would become the president of the company. He worked hard every year and eventually passed the 30-year mark with the company. David’s influence in the company has yielded many positive effects.

David McDonald’s realization and belief that the company’s strength lies in cultivating relationships definitely has helped the company immensely. Since the company has many divisions in many places David has teams that are tailor made to connect with people and companies from different geographic areas, cultures, and backgrounds. His teams are also made to help him keep up with what is happening in different markets internationally. This has landed OSI many victories.

Recently they purchased the Dutch deli meat processing company Baho. In addition to this they have been able to create 10 facilities that handle poultry in China. Because of David McDonalds risk taking he is now the president of a company that has global recognition. He plans to keep innovating within this company and to never remain stagnant or on what is already established and maybe we should follow his example.

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