Glen Wakeman Talks About Getting Funding And Becoming Sustainable

Glen Wakeman is a prolific entrepreneur, spending as much time writing about business as he spends engaged in it. His writing focuses on international finance, management and business administration, and any topic related to running a business in today’s market. While he is a success today, that wasn’t always the case. Glen was happy to share his insights into what it takes to make it as a 21st century entrepreneur.


Glen Wakeman on Getting his Start

While some people jump right into entrepreneurship without much formal education, Glen revealed that he first attended the University of Scranton. Getting degrees in economics and finance helped him to get a better handle on the mechanics of starting a business. While he had some ideas about what businesses he wanted to pursue, his education helped him focus those thoughts into a solid strategy.

In looking at other entrepreneurs, Glen noticed that many failed, because they lacked a good business plan. While their ideas may have been good, they didn’t have the expertise to execute their ideas in a real business. Glen saw this as an opportunity and launched a start-up platform, named Launchpad Holdings, to help those other entrepreneurs.


Funding Wasn’t Hard to Come by

While many new entrepreneurs struggle with finding funding for their ideas, this wasn’t the case with Wakeman. He already had the education and experience as an investor, so he was able to raise the money he needed without outside help. Supplementing the money he earned through market investments, Glen also raised money through his writing projects and other business ventures that he already had going at the time.

Just as is true of any new business, Launchpad took some time to begin earning a profit. Mr. Wakeman points out that it takes time for a new business to gain the momentum it needs to begin turning a profit. For Launchpad, this process was more gradual. While he admits there were times he lost faith in Launchpad, he adds that he stuck with it. Glen Wakeman is the first to point out that persistence is the most important trait an entrepreneur can possess. Those who are determined to succeed will usually win out.


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