Dr. Walden Advice on Cosmetic Surgery

We all have that small physical thing that we are always trying to hide from everyone. This is the part that we feel is embarrassing and we see as a ‘’disability’’. Some people are so affected by their part that they are unable to participate in public setups. They say that they tend to feel like everyone is focused on observing their imperfections instead of listening to what they have to say. Well, this may be far from the truth because people may not even notice what you think is an imperfection, in fact, others may view it as perfection.

However, the fact that it bothers you is why it needs to be attended to, for you to feel comfortable in your skin. The only way to solve the matter permanently is through undergoing cosmetic surgery. Many individuals are, however, hesitant to undergo the process.

Dr. Walden says that many individuals realize it is the best move after the process, which they took forever to partake. She remembers one of her childhood friends who is a stay at home mum, and always had small breasts. She was an ideal patient of breast enlargement because she always felt less. Finally, after Dr. Walden moved to Austin, she booked an appointment and decided to face her fears and took the process. After the augmentation was successful, she was so happy with the look she achieved that she went spreading the gospel of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Walden says the joy she sees in the women after surgery is what keeps her going every day.

Dr. Walden is a mother of two twins who she considers her priority. This is why she moved from New York where she used to practice medicine and describes as the mecca of cosmetic surgery to see her children grow near her family.

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