Bruno Fagali Develops Growing Law Practice In Brazil

Bruno Fagali is one of the leading legal professionals in Brazil. Not only does he have a thriving business, but he also produces online content about various legal issues.

When Bruno Fagali was young, he did not know what he wanted to do for his career. He attended college for a few years without a clear direction. While he was in school, he worked a job at a small legal firm in his city. He promptly concluded that he wanted to become a lawyer and own a company. Law school is expensive, and he had to work multiple jobs to pay for school. He would eventually graduate from law school with a job offer from a major legal firm in Brazil.

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Early Career

Bruno Fagali took on additional responsibilities in his first few jobs. He loved interacting with clients, and he also enjoyed studying various aspects of the law. He decided to start his own company several years after graduating from college. Although a new company required a significant financial investment, he wanted more control over his time each day.

Business Success

In the early stages of his company, it was difficult to attract new clients. He developed a marketing plan that resulted in higher sales and profits according to Bruno Fagali also decided to invest in a new building for his company. He moved locations to a more prominent part of his city. His business is thriving, and he plans to hire additional legal professionals to help him accomplish all of his goals.


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