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Upwork’s Tips for Tasks

Nothing can be more overwhelming than trying to tackle a list of tasks that seems all but insurmountable. While reading an article on Upwork, I came across some very effective tips that will help you tackle what seems like even the toughest of lists.

Defining your priorities is a strong tool to use. This is important because it helps you decide which tasks are the most important and which you should be spending the most time completing. As we all know the dreaded unforseen event occurs and you’re stuck scrambling on getting all of your tasks done. This then turns into a stressor and sends you into a stress filled panic. This could be avoided if you have your list set to priorities and when the unforeseen occurs you are ready with your plan of action.

Re-evaluating your tasks is something you should do often. My wife calls it procrastination, but me I now call it re-evaluation. By re-evaluating your tasks you can decide if the effort put into that task you keep avoiding is worth the trade off in time it would take to complete. They say that even the time you spend wasting while thinking about that low level task is time taken away from the important task you have. It is said you should re-evaluate your running to-do list once a week to see if the priority of any of the tasks have changed,

Delegation is a powerful tool! It is something that you should use when you can. Having a task and then delegating a subtask to a colleague is a great thing. It not only takes stress off of you, but it gets more work done in the same amount of time. This is a strategy that many successful managers and business owners use.

These tips should be used as often as possible. Tips like these are not only powerful for a manager of a high powered company, but can also work for a stay at home parent trying to make sense of their tasks and trying to figure out how to complete them.


Entrepreneur Robert Deignan

Business owner and entrepreneur, Robert Deignan, Co-Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services of got his start by attending Purdue University. He attended Purdue from 1992 to 1995, upon receiving his Bachelors of Science in Organizational Leadership. His company was established in August of 2011. Prior to his executive role at ATS Digital Services, Deignan served as the Executive Vice President of a company called iS3, Inc., which is a computer software company from Boca Raton, Florida. He served as the company’s Executive VP for nine years from 2002-2011. He also was the Co-Founder of a start-up company called Fanlink, Inc.

In addition to his many accomplishments, while serving as CEO for ATS Digital Services, the call center company based in Boca Raton, Florida, received certification by AppEsteem. This is quite the prestigious certification for a call center to receive, as this means the company has “met all thirty-nine compliance parameters” to receive this certification. A very important one of these parameters being that ATS served its hundreds of thousands of customers not only through the telephone but online and other forms of technological communications as well, a service which many call centers today have still yet to provide. Another reason ATS Digital Services received this certification is that its main priority is achieving a high level of customer service and satisfaction guarantee.

Additionally, Diegnan has a passion for all things ocean and adventure. Diegnan was recently a part of a winning team in a Shellfish Derby Competition. Another ocean-related event Diegnan notably attended was the Carolina Boat Builder Tournament. Diegnan may be well-known for his business ventures, but those close to him known how the ocean and ocean-related activities and events are a true passion for him!


Jeff Aronin – The Paragon Biosciences Giant

Paragon Biosciences is a company that help build innovative companies that produce or enhance much needed drugs for patients. The innovative companies are headed by leadership of healthcare industry’s elite and biotech entrepreneurs. These leaders are innovators that are committed to making medicine better to give patients a much better outcome. Currently Paragon has an impressive track record of thirteen FDA approved drugs spanning from the past ten years to now. A success rate that is competitive to larger companies in the same field. Paragon’s expert experience guides and develops biotech companies to increase their major scientific breakthroughs in medicine.


Devoted Leader

CEO and Chairman, Jeff Aronin, and his prestigious staff provide portfolio companies with great and no the typical, financial and technological resources. Plus with the backing of Paragon Biosciences, the companies can easily connect with innovative clinical professionals and entrepreneurs for strategy advice and support. Paragon’s reach is long, so with their help these biotech scientists and entrepreneurs can make sure that the enhanced or newly created medicines can reach the massive amount of patients in need.

Jeff Aronin’s team at Paragon functions on all aspects of clinical trials; from development to collaboration with top medical professionals. Aronin’s company’s motto is look for the best efficient medication and delivery it the fastest way we can to patients that need it. In order to accomplish this, research is used to determine and identify disease where treatment is scarce and the much needed medicine is not available. This research aids in Paragon’s development of companies and placing these companies within the area of where patients need it the most. Some of the companies that are backed by Paragon include: Castle Creek Pharma, Harmony Biosciences, and Precision BP are just a few.

Besides being CEO and Chairman for Paragon Biosciences investment firm for eight years, Jeff Aronin is chairman of several Paragon portfolio companies including Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. Prior to Paragon he was President and CEO of Ovation Pharma Inc. When Ovation was acquired by Lundbeck, he continued his position as President and CEO. His experience in leading biopharmaceutical companies is unmatched.

Jeff Aronin is an expert strategic business developer with finance and branding experience. He has an extensive knowledge and experience in corporate mergers and acquisitions. His career spans over 20 years in the healthcare industry, which include rare diseases, drug development and complex science. Surely Paragon will continue to grow and bring forth more innovative medicine in the future for patients around the world.


Chris Linkas Provides People With Time Sensitive Investing Tips

Chris Linkas is the managing director of Fortress Investment Corp. He lives in New York, and Linkas has a lot of investment experience under his belt. Christopher Linkas tends to give good advice when it comes to investing, and this is why young investors tend to listen to what he has to say about investing early.

In their twenties most people are not giving any thoughts to investing, but Christopher Linkas thinks that this is a very important thing for people to do. In fact, he has as many as 5 different reasons in place. One of the most important reasons Linkas emphasizes will be to earn the compound interest. As your money doubles from one years to the next it becomes quite easy for people to really see the profits.

Spending habits tend to improve when you have this desire to save. If you have a lot of disposable income you are going to spend it. If, however, you put away money for investing you are going to be much more likely to stay on track with your spending. Many people will say that they cannot invest because they really have never tried to do it. They may think that this is a hard thing to do, but investing is only as effective as you make it. If you do not put time or money into it you will not get to the point where you reach your goals. This is what Chris Linkas believes. That is the reason why he has a made an attempt to pass this information down to others.

The great thing about investing early on is that it helps you get ahead of others. If you have been investing long before your family and peers you will have the ability to cut down on the amount you are investing as you get closer to retirement. You will be able to enjoy most of your money because you started early ( This means you have the benefits of compound interest on your side. Chris Linkas believes that all investors are going to be able to benefits from this.


Dr. Saad Saad – A Surgeon With A Sense of Humor

About Dr. Saad’s Background

Dr. Saad Saad is originally from Palestine. He received his medical degree from Cairo University School of Medicine. His residency in General Surgery was at UMDNJ – University Hospital (New Jersey). His educational honors includes graduating salutatorian in med school. His medical career spans over two decades. He is known for his sense of humor and down to earth personality. In addition to his medical certification, he has a strong aptitude for engineering; by which he has patented three medical inventions to his credit.


His certification in Lebanon was life changing and allowed him to train in the United States. He had an internship in England and moved on to the United States to receive his Pediatric Surgery certification from the United States, with a specialty in Pediatrics. He has been Surgeon-in-Chief and Co-Medical Director of the K. Hovnanian Children Hospital in New Jersey. His medical career has allowed him to create new surgical techniques and serve the Saudi Royal Family as their Pediatric Surgeon.


Career Growth and Charity

While serving in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Saad had the opportunity to serve and meet some of the top professionals in the medical field from the United States and the United Kingdom. It was during his service here he gained extraordinary opportunities to perform surgeries on the youngest baby with an aneurysm. His saving of this baby can be found in in a scientific journal with a worldwide notability and is used as a teaching tool. Not only did Dr. Saad perform surgery on the noted nobility of Saudi Arabia, but he was also able to help save the lives of those unfortunate and without funds for surgical needs. Mose of these pediatric patients would have serious conditions that required extreme skills.


Dr. Saad’s medical career has also allowed him to learn from his extensive career; that technology is the future in medicine. Being an engineer has helped Dr. Saad to make his innovative projects a reality. He has created and patented medical technology that is currently used today by doctors around the world. Some of his inventions include the following:



  • New Catheter Design – His patented catheter is used for a multitude of functions. But the main reason for its creation is tracking. Dr. Saad’s design functions as a tracking device without a need for an x-ray to locate and place the catheter. This design is used in pediatric and adult cases.


  • Suction Endoscope – AKA as The Visual Suction/Irrigation Rigid Endoscope. This surgical device is Dr. Saad’s second created medical design. Endoscopes are used to view the inside of patients body through the nose, throat, or any open cavity. His device has an anti-fog port with a suction-irrigation. This allows clearing the area and flushing the are feature along with giving surgeons the ability to view within without an obstructions. This device is used by many physicians and surgeons today.



In addition to his inventions, he created a surgical residency program in Saudi Arabia. During his stay he noticed a need for Saudi students to learn and hone their surgical skills. With his connections from working with the Royal Family and the backing of the Royal College of Surgeons in England, his residency program and certification is now up and running in his home land of Saudi Arabia. Here medical students will receive their certification from the United Kingdom. Dr. Saad shows no signs of slowing down. He is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve the treatment of patients. His engineering savvy will surely continue to enhance medicine in the future. Learn more:

Nick Vertucci Talks About His Typical Day At NV Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is a man who came into the real estate world a little differently than how most other moguls have done it. He didn’t have a university degree and actually learned how to build a real estate portfolio on his own, and after more than 10 years in the field he decided to start a learning program called the NV Real Estate Academy. He was open to sharing his work routine at the academy with the entrepreneur blog Ideamensch which caught up with him not long ago.

Nick Vertucci told Ideamensch that his typical workday isn’t one that has limits to it. He might spend a day in his Orange County, California corporate office planning out events, getting ready to travel to various US cities for the NV Real Estate Academy short seminars, or he might be having conference calls with clients in his personal home office. He says the four principles for making things happen in real estate are seeing your goals, believing them, mapping them out and executing them. And he went on to mention that even though the country has undergone some rough economic times, he believes the spirit of entrepreneurship is returning greater than ever.

Nick Vertucci first got into real estate around 2001 when he was coming out of tough place in his life. Having very little money was something he was used to while growing up, and he had previously been the owner of a computer parts sales company until it went bankrupt. He later admitted that he had failed not only to see the dot-com bubble that had built and then burst, but also had failed to be prepared for change and to have a plan ready in case things took a turn for the worse.

While looking for a new business opportunity, Nick Vertucci learned that real estate was a proven method to turn property assets into actual cash, and he could flip older homes into high-value rentals. So he learned how to obtain the capital for buying properties, and he slowly began to flip them back on the market. Eventually he went from being so deep in debt that his home was about to be taken, to having no debt at all and being able to take his family on special vacations and other fun times. Vertucci now works to inspire others to follow their dreams and to consider using real estate as their means for saving and retirement.

Peter Briger Finds Success at his Ivy League Alma Mater

There is a saying “that you can never go home,” but Peter Briger might disagree with that. He has continued to develop the capital opportunities at his alma mater: Princeton. Discover how Peter Briger is returning to his alma mater.

Returning to the Past

Children develop their vision of the world at a very young age. You might have heard of the saying, “Everything I ever really needed to know, I learned in kindergarten.” The rate of human development during this period of time is incredible.Generally, this is the time when you are moving from being a helpless baby to being a child, who can accomplish many things. You learn a lot of the basics at this time. That is why it is so important. These are the building blocks of your existence.When people say “you can never go back,” they are really talking about childhood. You are no longer a child, you do not think like a child. You can give back to your alma mater, just like Peter Briger is doing at Princeton.And, that is part of the understanding of the Princeton graduate. He has entered a club of the elite. Did you know that Princeton grads include President John F. Kennedy, Brooke Shields, Ralph Nader and Jeff Bezos? That is pretty prestigious company.

 Creating a Better Future

Billionaire Peter Briger learned how to judge good investments at Goldman Sachs. He used these skills to become a billionaire as co-chairman of the Fortress Investment Group. But none of this success was free.He has the ability to see which individuals have the talents to start up a successful company. Just think if he had invested in Jeff Bezos’ Amazon before any others? Perhaps, that is why he has worked with others to create the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund. Sometimes, the next big thing is right under your nose.What is more natural than returning to his alma mater – Princeton – and setting up a powerful venture capital network? The admissions office already does most of the work. They only allow the elite to become students.

Remembering Your Roots

What Peter Briger brings to Princeton is his knowledge and capital connections. He is no longer a freshman in college, nor would he want to be. He is now fulfilling his alumni duties. By giving back to Princeton, Peter Briger is remembering his roots. He is paying back Princeton for the opportunities it gave him. Wealthy alum, just like he is, laid the groundwork for his success; now he can do the same for the generations of tomorrow. He can also remain connected to the brain trust at the university. There are plenty of talented professors who can help him identify talent. This was one of the skills he demonstrated as Board of the Directors at the Fortress Investment Group.Peter Briger found success when he graduated from Princeton. So, doesn’t it make sense for him to return to his roots? Maybe lightning will strike twice.

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IC Systems: Three Generations of Exceptional Ethics in Collection Services

Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson, IC Systems is an accounts receivable company that has now passed through an admirable three generations of Erickson family ownership (,-inc). As the years have gone by the business continues to retain their guiding principle of ensuring their clients honest, ethical service. The company also puts great effort into being at the forefront of the industry. As technology has advanced over time, IC Systems has kept the business at the cutting edge. In fact, they were the first United States based collection agency to eliminate typewriters in favor of computers in 1968, taking a huge leap forward. Today they continue that trend by utilizing the best in state-of-the-art collection and security software to preserve their industry-wide standing as one of the most secure collection companies in operation.

The ethical standards of IC Systems extends both to the inner workings of the company and in their conduct with the outside world. Within the company the employees are trained to operate with the application of the most consumer-friendly tactics possible while always maintaining ethics yet still accomplishing the ultimate goal for the client. Employees of IC are recognized with quarterly Core Values Awards and can even nominate co-workers for the consideration of one if they recognize that individual as being an example of such. The effect of these high working standards create external recognition for IC Systems in the business world as well. IC Systems has been nominated and gone on to be a finalist three consecutive years running for the Better Business Bureau Torch Award given for ethics.

Headquartered on the outskirts of St. Paul, Minnesota with a second branch in La Crosse, Wisconsin, IC Systems is one of the largest collection companies in all of North America. Clients that they serve range from small business owners to highly recognizable Fortune 500 companies. It is anticipated that no matter the size of the business IC is servicing the world will continue to receive the same secure, innovative, respectful, and ethical level of service that has come to be expected from them over their 80 year legacy.


Just Who Is Medical Aesthetic’s Jennifer Walden

The medical industry has been around for a very long time, and it has changed people’s lives for the better in a variety of ways. The medical-aesthetics sector is where the artists of the medical industry can be found. These professional provide a wide range of surgical procedures that will enhance an individual’s appearance. Jennifer Walden, M.D., is one of the most accomplished medical professionals in the business. She just so happens to be one of a few females to be elected as a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors. Yes, that was a mouthful, but it’s 100 percent true.

Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center is her medical practice, and it provides a huge list of aesthetic services. The services included are breast enhancements, breast reduction, chemical peel, Botox injection, Juvederm treatment, laser-hair removal, body sculpting, hair rejuvenation, noninvasive-radiofrequency, IV Therapy, acne treatments, laser-tattoo removal and many more. Dr. Walden has a legendary career thanks to being a top medical consultant for numerous television shows, and she has graced the pages of many publications like:

  • VIVE
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Vogue
  • Teen Vogue
  • MD Monthly Magazine
  • Self
  • Italian Vogue
  • Shape
  • Bridal Guide
  • And others

This only scratches the surface in totality, but you should have a much better understanding of how great she actually is. Dr. Walden has worked with numerous high-profile figures such as Dr. Tom Baker of Miami’s Plastic Surgery Associates. On the other hand, she was actually listed as one of Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons. The future for this phenomenal woman is looking brighter than it has ever looked, and Dr. Jennifer Walden will continue to push the boundaries of medical aesthetics.

Mark Mofid Is Determined To Greatly Improve The Field Of Plastic Surgery

There has never been a better time to take interest in plastic surgery, as the benefits are better than ever and the risks have never been lower. Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the leading plastic surgeons in the United States these days and he has personally contributed to many of the advancements the industry has seen over the past decade. Mark has a strong education behind him, studying at prestigious schools such as Harvard and Johns Hopkins. Since earning his degree as a surgeon, Mark Mofid has earned his license to practice plastic surgery and is board-certified.

Mark Mofid says he was overly optimistic going into the field of plastic surgery, as he expected something different. He saw many problems with the techniques medical practitioners were using and the various implants that were used in plastic surgery were made of generic products. Because of this, many issues arose with patients due to unsafe methods and materials that were rejected by the body. Since the beginning, Mark has been dedicated to improving the standards in plastic surgery and help to clear the name that scares some people away. Mark Mofid owns his own practice today in San Diego, where he has perfected his procedures and his methods to provide his patients with some of the best results in the country. Mark’s practice specializes in butt augmentation, but they also provide their clients with nearly all cosmetic surgeries available today.

Mark has taken the time to speak at many conferences that have taken place around the nation today discussing the state of plastic surgery and where it is headed in the future. This allows him to spread his knowledge and technique with more plastic surgeons and potential clients. This has a great effect on Mark because the better image plastic surgery has, the more it will spread throughout the United States. It is growing steadily today, but much slower than other countries, such as Brazil. Mark’s technique is also among the best in the business, as he has produced some of the best looking plastic surgeries in the industry to date.