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OSI Food Solutions expands production of chicken products

OSI Group, the number one food processing company in the world continues to expand its business operation to more locations in the world. The company has been in the news lately for their acquisition of the European market which was implemented through the Flagship Europe and acquisition of Dutch food company Baho Foods. OSI Group is led by Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald. These two individual are the force behind the success of this company. They have taken the company from a medium level company to now an international company with business recognition on various continents.

OSI Group runs its business operations through various subsidiaries. In Europe, OSI Group has been implementing various plans that are aimed at making the company a leading food processing plant in the continent. In Spain, they run their business operation through a brand known as OSI Food Solutions. This is one of the projects that was initiated through the Flagship Europe initiative. The food plant in Spain Located at a place called Toledo. This is one of the biggest food plants that the company owner in Europe.

The Spain based food plant has recently been upgraded and expanded to boost the production of chicken products. The expansion which was carried out and completed in 2017 will double the production of chicken products. Before the expansion, the food production stood at 12,000 tons.

The higher production capacity of the company will help it dominate the Europe market for a long time. The OSI Food Solution plant in Spain will have a capacity to produce over $45,000 tons of chicken, pork and beef products starting this year. The food production business in Spain has also assisted the local people gaining from employment opportunities.

Why did OSI Food Solution expand the chicken business? This is a valid question that many would like to know. According to food consumption data, there is increased consumption of chicken products in Spain and the countries surrounding it. In the last three years, there has been an increase of over 8%, and this is a good reason for them to expand their production so that they can meet the desired food production targets.

OSI Group has been expanding its business operation in all corners of the world. They have bought a new food processing plant formerly owned by Tysons Foods in Chicago. They have also built seven new food processing plants in various location in Asia. The company clearly means business under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald.

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Cassio Audi’s Days With Viper Were Ones To Remember

As a young teen growing up in Brazil, Cassio Audi and his friends used to love listening to the heavy metal sounds of bands like Iron Maiden. The group of teens were also aspiring musicians who used to get together and jam out whenever and wherever they could. In 1985, as freshman in high school, the group decided to form a band which they called Viper. With Cassio Audi at the drums the band would soon embark on an adventure they would never forget.

Cassio Audi

The band was formed in a rather impromptu way but soon the group decided that they were pretty good. They began playing small gigs and soon recorded a demo called The Killera Sword. The demo was a hit on local radio stations and the band’s popularity began to rise. Viper began to tour Brazil and by 1987 they had recorded and released their first studio album, Soldiers of Sunrise. The album was a huge hit and the band toured South America and Europe prior to releasing their second album, Theatre of Fate, in 1989.

Cassio Audi Group

That same year, Audi left the band to attend university at Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo. The band has continued to record and tour to this day with various members. The original group was unique in that their lyrics were done in English and you could not tell that it was their second language. That original group with Cassio Audio behind the drums is remembered fondly by heavy metal fans of the 1980s. For a few short years a group of Brazilian teens rocked the heavy metal scene, something that few can add to their resume.

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Forex And Jordan Lindsey

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of JCL Capital. He has founded several businesses in the financial services industry and the technology industry, some of which combine financial product trading with technology. This allows Jordan Lindsey to enjoy the success he has had and help change the Forex trading industry. Jordan Lindsey grew up in the New York area. He was competitive kid growing up, and he played a lot of sports, two of which were his favorites, tennis and ice hockey. Jordan Lindsey knew that even from a young age, he wanted to change the world. The way that he accomplished this was by creating companies.

Jordan Lindsey found the San Francisco California area, and he immediately grew to love the place. The creative culture of the area encouraged people to share ideas and to start new businesses, and Jordan Lindsey loved that about the area. Jordan Lindsey decided to move back to the area after returning to New York, and he created JCL Capital.

Today, Jordan Lindsey is an experienced trader in the algo trading markets. He has taught himself how to be a computer programmer. He has also become a systems architecture designer. Jordan Lindsey has founded several companies in tech and in finance. He lived abroad in Bosnia, Mexico, and Argentina. While in Bosnia, he met his wife, and they fell in love and had three beautiful daughters together.

Jordan Lindsey has created a new algorithm that will allow the user to trade on the foreign exchange markets, which are some of the largest markets in the world. This algorithm combined with his own customized cryptocurrency has allowed Jordan Lindsey to make a profit because the currency appreciates due to supply and demand. The future of the platform will revolve around quicker trades due to the success of the algorithm.

Uplifting News from Elysium Health That We All Want to Hear

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthier and happier life. Boosting NAD+ levels can be a way to reach for that goal.

The company co-founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente, known as Elysium Health, has some great news in the form of a new supplement designed to support well-being on a cellular level. The supplement, Basis, is the culmination of more than 25 years of aging research and is clinically proven to increase levels of NAD+.

NAD+ is a coenzyme that is essential for hundreds of cells functions, including turning nutrients into energy, maintaining the health of DNA, and regulating circadian rhythms. But our  levels of NAD+ decline as we age, and that lead to a gradual breakdown of those functions.

Elysium Health works in collaboration with scientists and clinicians from the world’s leading institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. These scientists guide the direction of the company and its research.

The results of a clinical trial published in November 2017 in the peer-reviewed journal npj: Aging and Mechanisms of Disease demonstrated that taking Basis daily over the course of several weeks increased and sustained higher levels of NAD+. Taking the daily recommended dose of Basis increased NAD+ levels by an average of 40 percent.

Basis is now available to purchase in individual bottles or as a subscription on Elysium Health’s website. You can simply visit the website and choose the plan that works for you. The most popular level of subscription is the six-month plan for $270 ($45 per month)There’s also a month-to-month plan for $50 per month, and a one-year for $480 ($40 per month).

An individual bottle of Basis costs $60, so the longer plans will obviously save users money. .

Taking Basis may be the easiest thing that you can do for your health today. Check it out via the Elysium Health website and subscribe to a plan  that works for you.

How to best get a custom savings and retirement plan

When it comes to organizing and planning for your retirement it is important to take in as much information as possible. Not every plan is going to sit every exact investor or life circumstance. A custom approach what is necessary, and more often than not it is absolutely vital to go through a third party investment planner to best ensure your long-term success.

Many solutions exist at are in use today, but not quite as simple and effective as the system employed by Richard Dwayne Blair in his practice. Richard Dwayne Blair has identified Three core components that you should look for when working with any sort of financial advisor or retirement planner. These three pillars are the foundation of your plan and are absolutely necessary; the plan cannot stand if even one of these pillars is missing.

First and foremost is planning out the retirement path ahead of you. This road map plots out exactly where you are and where you need to be. Since retirement planning is more of a marathon than a sprint, this strategy will change with the ebb and flow of the market, as well as your individual liquidity requirements and tolerance for risk.

Once you have established your roadmap it’s important to have a navigator looking at the conditions of the path ahead. Just like how weather and road conditions can

Impact how you travel market conditions can impact how you when is your investment and retirement. This requires a substantial amount of background knowledge, expertise, historical data as well as current analytics from the market.

Finally, the third pillar is insurance. Many people avoid worrying about the worst case scenario; they simply do not want to think about what it would be like if their life’s plan does not go as intended. As such, insurance products guarantee the long-term financial security of your family. No matter how good your retirement plan is health and accidents are always a factor to consider.

Three pillars combined make up the core philosophy of Richard Dwayne Blair’s work and ethos when helping his clients retire comfortably and safely.

Alex Pall And His Chain Smoking Route To Success

In a recent interview with Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine and journalist Mathias Rosenzweig, The Chainsmokers’ one half member Alex Pall describes his experience leading up to the music duo’s fame success. The DJ multi-genre infused pair climbed to the top of the charts with two of their previous hit singles, “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses”. Now they are ready to break the charts again with their newest single “Closer” featuring singer Halsey. Pall, a previous gallery curator, talks about DJing and music as a passion of his formerly on the sidelines of his career but which he eventually chose to conquer.

Up until meeting his group mate, Andrew Taggart, Pall played music for numerous clubs and claims to always have held a knack for promoting and marketing, so paired with Taggart’s previous music producing experience, made for a great partnership. Under Pall’s previous solo manager and now group’s current manager, the two instantly bonded, and the rest is history. Pall credits their music passion and drives as instigators for their second-nature relationship. They take their music seriously and reflect on their commitment to quality composition and sound making them unique in that sense. Pall mentions the group’s writing process as part of their character.

The Chainsmokers are, at least, co-writers in each their songs. While struggling to produce music more or less relating to their audience, Pall and his group mate decided to look at their experiences. “Closer” is based on Taggart’s own previous romantic relationship. The group is currently the only successful DJ/electronic group to write and sign their own vocal compositions. The group recognizes inspiration starts with building off others, and it takes more than a couple hit songs to build an individual style.

Pall explains the group’s current approach in the music scene involves heavy-duty identity searching before diving into their next project, a full-length album which takes an overall stance on a motif or experience. Pall is surprised by the group’s age fan base ranging from pre-teens to his mother’s age. He is humbled by this and says it motivates them to take their stage performance seriously and establish a stronger presence.

Equities First Holdings UK


Equities First Holdings was initiated by Christy Jr. so that they could provide a different form of funding through security-based loans. Through the years that Equities First Holdings has been in operation, they have been able to attract numerous investors and business people from different regions. Thus, they established they established several subsidiaries, and learn more about Equities First.

The London (UK) Subsidiary

This is the first subsidiaries that Equities First Holdings Initiated. It was established in 2014 with a primary objective of serving investors from the UK and the neighbouring European countries. This is the most performing branch of Equities First Holdings. With just two years in operation, they have been able to disburse over 100 million Euros as shareholder loans. Moreover, they have done numerous transactions some of them which are popular throughout the entire globe. The management of Equities First Holdings indicated that they would increase financial allocation to their London branch so that the subsidiaries could oversee the expansion of other subsidiaries, and

Jeunesse Global Product Review

When Other Wellness Solutions Fail, Jeunesse Makes the Difference

Currently one of the most rapidly burgeoning companies in the world right now, Jeunesse was originally created almost a decade ago by two aspiring entrepreneurs who had successfully gained their footing in other financial ventures up to that point. On September 9, 2009, the duo decided it was high time to realize their shared dream of delivering youth-enhancing wellness solutions that actually worked, and together they went on to create Jeunesse: the company with a nine-step solution to restoring and protecting your youth.

Nine Solutions, One Answer

Jeunesse has been known for a couple things over the years: its excellent customer service, the cutting-edge research that drives their product lines, and of course, the product lines themselves. Dubbed the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), this regiment breaks down into nine unique approaches to aging complications in the human body and seeks to address them in a uniquely optimized fashion. Because of this approach, the product categories have varying means of administration that can seem frustratingly complex at first but are well-intended as users eventually discover.

Each of the nine product categories that form Y.E.S. take the form of capsules, powder mixes, canned juices, creams that are directly applied to the skin, and other media that work to deliver essential vitamins and minerals to the skin, organs, heart and brain. The products address insomnia, chronic lethargy, persistent illness, recurring pain, trouble waking up in the morning, cognitive dysfunction and other syndromes of an aging body. It’s important to note that the products aren’t advertised to cure any particular complication outright but rather function by supplementing the body with an armamentarium to repair itself with.

The Philosophy

Jeunesse understands that contemporary lifestyle habits are contributing excessively to shortened lifespans despite the greater life expectancy that we have today. Artificial additives, free radicals, constant radiation exposure and other conditions contribute to the breakdown of the human body over the years, and Y.E.S. aims to reverse this damage by arming the immune system and organs with the necessary resources to kick the self-correcting functions into action. In this way, Jeunesse is a unique company that pays genuine homage to the brilliance of natural technology, and their all-natural formulas are a compliment to this.

New Year, New Sound: The Chainsmokers Offer Something Different for 2018

“Sick Boy”, the newest single from The Chainsmokers, marks a darker turn for the Grammy-winning duo that gave us “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”. The single was released in January after a nine-month drought of new music from the pair and is distinct both in that it is clearly a Chainsmokers creation yet is like nothing we’ve heard from them before.

Drew Taggart, one half of the duo, says that the new sound is a reflection of how he and partner Alex Pall have grown as entertainers, and is also reflective of our social-media driven culture. As he recently told Forbes Magazine, “We think about how we relate to the world now with social media, and how much you’re projecting. You can only tell so much of a story there, too. Then, everything else is left up to their interpretation, and that’s not something that just we artists go through. Everybody does.” Alex Pall reiterated this idea in an interview with Ryan Seacrest: “[Narcissism] is just something that we all see every day and live with now that everyone has a social media platform… it’s not necessarily a bad thing—you kind of have to figure out… the way you’re presenting yourself to the world … it’s self-inflicted, but also a necessary evil in communicating in today’s world.”

These ideas are clear in the song’s lyrics:

And don’t believe the narcissism When everyone projects and expects you to listen to ’em Make no mistake, I live in a prison That I built myself, it is my religion

Taggart and Pall are betting that the new sound will be well-received by fans, as the group plans to release further songs that are different lyrically and musically from what they’ve previously created. They also plan to collaborate with other producers, something they’ve never done before. However, true fans need not worry that the duo will stray from its roots – Taggart and Pall assure that they will stay within the pop and EDM sound that has rendered them such huge success.


The school of Art Academy, was also known as school of Art campus. The school is a personally owned institution in San Francisco, in the USA. Sir Richard Stephens established the school of Advertising in the year 1929. The school has enrolled 283 teachers and around 1200 part-time teachers, it also has a big number of students approximately 13000. its foreseen as the biggest personally owned art school. The institution is known to have the biggest asset holders in San Francisco, USA.

The NYC Fashion Weekly magazine advertises individuals from the Academy of Art University who come to the spotlight. It’s an occasional treat to ascertain a good skill. Take for instance trying to do this as many times possible continuously . The collage of Fashion at the Academy of Art University had its runway show off on the 9th of September 2017. This time, 10 students brought out 7 womenswear and 3 menswear collections, with two joint efforts amid them.

Looking at the different upbringing of the designers from China to different parts of the world the designers from the Academy of Art University had very good ideas that impressed the congregation and some of the fashion icons that attended the show case. All the hard work they had put out during classes and practicals and before the showcase proved to be worthwhile.

In the school of Art University they offer online classes, it has therefore been a very good system for guys working either full time or part time jobs. The school of Art University did a survey and found out that most of the students who would study online and had full time jobs said that they would access the school’s website anywhere which made easier for them to study during tea and lunch breaks. Most of the students actually prefer enrolling for online classes.