Trabucos Made Things Harder On The Armies That Used Them

Because of the way they were made, Trabucos turned out to be a terrible machine for people to use while they were at war. While they were advertised as war machines, they did not provide people with the same power that other devices used.

Trabuco were supposed to be an improvement over the traditional catapults that people had used in the past, but they turned out to be harder to use. They were designed to make sure they could help people with the things they were trying to throw, but they actually made things harder. Their biggest benefit was also their downfall. The ideas the people had with the things they were going to use the Trabuco for did not work out because of the poor way the machines were able to perform according to Those who were using them before had to stop using them because they were making it hard for them to win the battles they had gone into.


As Trabucos started to get phased out, more people saw the problems associated with them. The machines were not designed to help people actually win battles and were only able to be used for destruction in different areas where they were used. They were throwing these objects and boulders so hard they couldn’t even stop them when they wanted to. The complete destruction the rocks caused made it harder for the people to really direct what they were doing with the machines. It caused big problems for the people who wanted to win battles.

In addition to those who were using them not being able to aim them in different ways, they had to make sure they were getting them to the right place. The people who were putting them together struggled to make sure they were actually together. Trabuco would have to haul them for a long way, spend a lot of time loading them properly and then launch them which could take just as long as trying to load them up. For this reason, the armies were vulnerable to attacks from the other side while they were loading the Trabucos.

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