Dr. Cameron Clokie Impeccable Achievements in Oral Surgery to the People of Ontario

Research based on scientific analysis refers to the human body as an incredibly complex machine. Different body organs and parts play a small role in the more significant structure. According to Dr. Cameron Clokie, an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon based in Toronto points out that bad oral hygiene can lead to substantial life-threatening conditions such as dementia, heart disease, along with other sickening states. The doctor continues that a recent study shows that bacteria’s found in the mouth have been discovered to contribute to causing heart disease. Dr. Cameron Clokie encourages patients and non-patients to take a step of undertaking regular checkups from a dentist to avoid future problems.

In addition to his regeneration approaches in oral surgery, Cameron has established himself as a leader, along with clinician. Additionally, Cameron is also a professor of regenerative medicine and development. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Induce Biologics Inc. a born regenerative medicine company. The organization primary focus is to reduce the need for carving bone muscles from other body parts to use in the regeneration procedure.

Presently, Cameron Clokie focuses on making the program better, more efficient together with less or no side effects. The Canadian doctor also aims at reducing the procedure cost. Today the procedure cost over six thousand dollars, thus making it only accessible to the few able.

According to media reports, Cameron’s cell therapy is believed to have been responsible for the production of extraordinary clinical results that saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients. In addition to his program success, Janine McFarlane is a living example of the work of the protein, known as bone morphogenetic protein. Jane suffered from a benign tumor that swelled on the right side of her jaw. As a result, Cameron’s team used the bone morphogenetic protein to regenerate the lost jaw muscle. After the surgery, Jane’s jaw muscle grew with an approximate of twelve centimeters from the sliced shin.

In 1985, Cameron Clokie acquired a degree in Dental Surgery. In 1992, he advanced his studies and graduated with a master’s degree in dental surgery dental from McGill University.

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