Efforts and Success Story of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in Fashion and Technology

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are known for being the founders of Techstyle Fashion Group. It is inclusive of the firms whose membership has its basis on beauty, accessory, and clothing. The two individuals have encountered some challenges over time since they knew little about fashion initially. What made them successful is their possession of a powerful drive and being aware of the demands of the consumers.

Looking at their history, Adam Goldenberg joined the business globe at 15. Gamers Alliance was his first company. The designation of the platform was alongside gaming websites. Intermix Media bought the firm in 1999. It is worth acknowledging the fact that Goldenberg became Intermix’s Vice President of Strategic Planning. At twenty years of age, he had already occupied the position of the Chief Operating Officer.

As well, Don Ressler encountered a similar path in getting to Intermix. Intermix purchased his website, called FitnessHeaven.com, in the year 2011. Notably, he had been very successful regarding raising the capital for his various online businesses. This acted as his source of inspiration towards making more advancements by entering the field of fashion.

During their course of service at Intermix, the two individuals became friends which eventually grew. It led to their establishment of Intelligent Beauty which is an e-commerce firm which acted as a gateway to the creation of other brands. It is through their service here that they got to learn other ways of doing online shopping. They had the knowledge of the high demand for the trendy and comfortable clothing as well as the challenges that the consumers had.

JustFab was the first Techstyle’s firm and is a membership-based clothing company which permits its members to acquire personalized athletic accessories and apparel on a monthly basis. It also gives a demonstration on mixing and matching fashion pieces. This eases the creation of confidence with their preferences of their style.

Additionally, the fact that Goldenberg and Ressler are committed to social responsibility makes Techstyle outstand the rest. The focus is on improving lives and not just making money. Their clothing adds confidence to women whenever dancing, hitting the gym, or even when running.

Another commitment of Techstyle is on giving back to the society. This is seen through their participation in the community projects such as gardens as well as hosting numerous charity occasions. Such include hosting the Cinderella Project’s event.

The two entrepreneurs, therefore, have a lot of capabilities towards making Techstyle the best clothing preference for women clothing globally.

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