Don Ressler Continues to Lead Fabletics In an Innovative and Exciting Direction

Traditionally, there has been a large gap in the women’s sportswear and athletic wear market. Most women have had to choose between fashion, affordability, and function. Sine the increased consumption in this market sector that has been growing continuously since mid-2010 has further expounded on this gap there is a vital need for it to be bridged with options that provide form, function, and budget friendliness to today’s active and style conscious women. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg saw this need and decided to fill it with a new type of retail strategy that has since changed the way that American consumers buy fashion. That retail strategy is the foundation behind Fabletics, and it has taken the industry by storm.

The concept behind Fabletics wasn’t to try to keep up with the current trends or market projections, instead they decide to focus on the kind of products that real women really wanted. They used focus groups, market research, and past buying trends to determine what it was that women were actually looking for in the market. Since then they have worked to keep their offerings fresh and in line with what people are looking for and not what the fashion industry tells them that they should want. At the forefront of this endeavor is Don Ressler, who has headed the company’s development since the beginning.

While the initial attempts at roll out had more than a few hiccups to deal with, Ressler worked to get past them. He was the one who brought in Kate Hudson, and as the face of the brand it took on a new life that has led to a near constant expansion over the last two years. He is also the man behind the answer to how to get over the biggest hump that they faced, the complexity of the sportwear industry which traditionally has said that it is impossible to make activewear that is both fashionable, durable, and comfortable and which could be delivered at an affordable price point that would fit the budget of the majority of mainstream American women. Thanks to Ressler’s previous experience in the fashion industry, he knew what the limitation of manufacturers was and was able to think ways around them to make Fabletics vision a reality.

He also knew that it would be essential to change the approachment factor of the new brand. He knew that it would be necessary to market directly to the consumer through an interactive website experience that would offer customization, and a variety of packaging options to better fine tune the delivery aspect of the product in a way that would achieve the end goal they were hoping for. Using the natural charisma of Kate Hudson, a grassroots advertising campaign, a multi layered approach to customer care and purchase management, and a unique subscription based model that offered discounts, shipping options and access to exclusive selection choices at the VIP level the stage was set for success.

Don Ressler is happy with how the brainchild he and Adam Goldenberg hatched has turned out. He is excited to keep the brand fresh and growing for many years to come. The success that Fabletics has seen under his guidance and leadership is only the beginning. The brands parent company, recently rebranded as TECHStyle, is set to expand its reach into the convenience market sector even more over the coming months and years. With a man like Ressler at the helm, that expanded reach is sure to bring even more success.

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