Important Online Security Lessons We Can Learn from Game of Thrones

Take Care of Your Firewalls

As the seventh season wraps up, there are many similarities between preparations to fortify The Wall and the work of cyber security experts. The Night’s Watch has a duty to defend the Seven Kingdoms from all unknowns. This is quite similar to what cybersecurity experts do. They have to ensure their Firewalls are working well at all times to keep data safe from malicious attacks. Here are some lessons we can learn from the Night’s Watch:

Be Wary of Zombie Accounts

In the first season, one of the bodies of the Night’s Watchmen recovered from a haunted forest turns out to be a wight. It only dies when Jon Snow puts it to rest. The lesson is that when an employee leaves a company, you need to revoke all access rights they had.

Take Threats Seriously

One of the major problems the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch faces is convincing the great families of Westeros to give them more resources. Most of the southerners do not believe that the white walkers even exist. In the world of cybersecurity, this is also important, all threat need to be taken seriously before they turn into an unstoppable force.

Everyone Has a Role to Play

In the first season of GoT, we see that the Night’s Watch is ill-equipped and lacking in manpower. Only a handful of untrained boys with scarce food and weapons are posted to three of the wall’s castles. When Jon Snow becomes King of the North, he marshals all existing resources to fortify the wall. He even manages to convince the Northern Lords to participate. They understand that everyone needs to play a role to keep them safe. In the world of cybersecurity, it is also important that everyone plays their role and understand that it is important to the safety of the data.

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