ClassDojo: A New Resource For Classrooms

ClassDojo is a fun Android App that helps teachers create an incredible classroom culture. The classroom culture is the setting and interaction of what goes on in the room. The culture of a classroom means that this is both the teacher, and the students. This application also can be used by the parent/s of each student. This allows the parents to see in real time what is going on in the classroom at any given point of the school day. It also has a feature for the teacher to set “quiet” time. During “quiet time”, this means that the teacher is not available. There is no need for a parent to worry during “quiet time” however. This just means that it is the rest time or nap time for the student.

The ClassDojo App also helps teachers to easily communicate with parents. No more having to waste time going to the office and literally telling the school secretary to call the students’ parent/s. Now the teacher can handle this simply through the Class Dojo App. To get the parents involved with the ClassDojo application, the process is very easy. First, the teacher goes to the application’s website and sign up for a “free” account.

Once signed up, the teacher merely creates their account, add their students, and then send invitations to the parents for them to do the same. It’s so easy and modern. The teachers love it, the parents, love it and the students think it’s cool. Students think it’s cool, because it gives them a sense of love and security. It makes them feel that their parents are right there in the classroom with them. Parents love it because it takes away the worrying about their child. They feel empowered because through Class Dojo, they have a way to communicate not only with the teacher, but also with their child. And teachers think that ClassDojo is simply “awesome”.

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