Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launches Oncology Treatment Platform

Cancer treatments that truly work prove difficult to find. Doctors often prescribe options they believe will treat symptoms, but many fail to work as efficiently as described. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth to offer a new oncology treatment platform that will help make finding a reliable treatment more efficient.

Comprehensive Collection of Data
NantHealth already has a comprehensive collection of data pulled from oncologists around the U.S. The ever-evolving information changes frequently based on the most up-to-date research, so doctors always get real-time data with supported claims. The Allscripts system shows clinical workflows. Together, these two data systems combine to create a large compilation of information that can be used to find reliable treatment options for patients. Based on evidence and patient records, multiple treatment choices get offered that the patient and their doctor can select. The cost of each one even gets described so people can pick the best one for their needs and wallet.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Experts on cancer diagnoses and treatments work at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Their goal is to treat every patient as a unique individual with a unique cancer experience. Symptoms for the same type can vary from person to person, making each case different and important to focus on to solve.

A team of doctors work with each patient to find a well-suited plan to treat symptoms and problems brought on by the specific cancer that person has. They all work together, along with the patient, to find a suitable option that will work. This new program helps to ensure that happens. With accreditations from renowned healthcare organizations and patient-centered care, people can rest assured they’re in good hands when working with the experts at any Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

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