London’s EFH Subsidiary Closes ANGLE Deal

Equities First (London) Limited stated at the close of last month it is set to return the entirety of the publicly traded shares used as collateral in the ANGLE plc liquidity transaction. This announcement comes as the conclusion to a two-year deal between the Equities First Holdings LLC subsidiary and ANGLE plc CEO, Andrew Newland. The deal is one of the first closed transactions for the newly acquired equity firm, formerly Meridian Equity Partners Limited, and signifies a new era for the global leaders in alternative financing solutions.While the first completed transaction is newsworthy as it is the beginning of Equities First Holdings LLC entrance into the European market it is by no means anything but yet another successful deal for the global equity firm. EFH CEO and founder Al Christy Jr. had this to say of the finalized deal, “The return of collateral to clients is business-as-usual for Equities First Holdings. As a company, EFH and its subsidiaries have completed more than 700 transactions, and we have a perfect track record of returning our clients’ collateral upon maturity and repayment.”

Equities First Limited Parent Company

Equities First Holdings LLC is a global leader in the alternative financing market with offices and subsidiaries spanning across four continents. Positioned in Indianapolis, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Sydney, Perth, and Bangkok EFH has placed itself in the center of thriving economies allowing individuals wishing to expand their businesses access to liquidity and capital with relative ease. Beginning with their first office in 2002, EFH has provided below market funding and capital for over 700 clients worldwide contributing $1.4 billion in assets.

Equities First Holdings LLC’s approach of offering non-purpose funding with only publicly traded shares as necessary collateral has made otherwise inaccessible capital available for clients unable to secure traditional credit-based loans. The added benefit of protecting borrowers in the case of a downturn in the market as well as the non-recourse feature has many turning to EFH as the first and only option for raising capital quickly.


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