The success of Honey Birdette in the Lingerie Business

Recapping the article
Back in 2006, Eloise Monaghan came up with an idea of opening a lingerie business. The company has been in constant growth for the last few years, and currently, it has taken over the market because of the quality of products and services. The company started its operations in Brisbane, Australia. The beginning of the creation was not very easy, but the process of growth has been constant. Currently, Honey Birdette has 55 stores in the Australian market alone.
Expanding the services
Other than creating a good market in Australia, Honey Birdette has developed a way in which the services can be expanded to other parts of the world. Currently, there have been plans to increase the number of stores in the markets that are outside of Australia. By mid-2017, the company had already established about three stores in Britain. There are plans to increase the number of stores from three to ten before the end of the year.
The American Market
The statistics of the American market is fascinating. The company develops targets and expectations as the sales process begin. The targeted online sales in the American market were surpassed by the actual sales made. The United States registered 374% in sales. The increased demand has been a motivational factor in the plans for expansion.
The origin of the lingerie idea
While sharing a bottle of champagne with a friend at a bar, Eloise Monaghan did not like the lingerie that was worn by ladies. The desired appeal was not satisfied. Lingerie has a specific function of giving a sexual appeal. The revelation of the body was not to the expected standards. From this observation, Monaghan decided to start his venture where he could give his idea of the best lingerie. From the current sales made, the selection of his taste proves to be among the best in the current market.

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