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Liberalization of Brazilian economy as explained by Felipe Montoro Jens

Before 1980’s, Brazil economy sector was made of large state owned corporations. As explained by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), the political regime then focused on the creation of state enterprises across all sector. However, according to Felipe Montoro Jens, the Brazilian government in the late 1980s began the privatization process due to the large external debt.

The economic reforms started in April 1990 with the formation of National Privatization Program. The reforms targeted privatization of companies in the petrochemical, steel, and aeronautical sectors. The Concessions Law of 1995 prioritized privatization in transportation, banking, telecommunication, and sanitations sectors.

In 1997, the establishment of the General Telecommunications Law was marked as the biggest success in privatization program by CNI. As Felipe Montoro point out, with the creation of National Telecommunication Agency (ANATEL), the state was no longer involved in services provision but in regulation. Therefore, there was the creation of a competitive environment. In July 1998, Auctioning of the Telebrás, a state owned enterprise into 12 holding companies was a good example.

This culminated to approving of the Public Private Partnership Act (PPPs) in 2004. For the success and competitiveness of the process, there was consolidation and organization of regulatory agency. In 2008 the General Concession Plan was created and later in 2011, there was the establishment of the General Plan for Universalization of Fixed Telephone Service.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian born in 1970. He is regarded as a leader, an adviser and a consultant in management and once was a speaker at the World Economic Forum. He has overseen projects in the treasury, planning, project financing, and management.

Felipe Montoro is an alumnus of Thunderbird, the American Garvin (USA) where he did masters in international management. Also, he has a business administration degree from Fundao Getlio Vargas. Felipe has a keen interest in the public and private partnership in Brazil.

Capital Anesthesiology Association & Its Many Services

Do you live in or near the great Austin, Texas, region? Have you ever heard of Capital Anesthesiology Association? If you haven’t heard then you’re probably not from around this area. This organization is one of the biggest independent practice that specialize in the distribution of anesthesia. That’s right! The amount of medical personnel here is staggering, and many of these individuals have been trained to deal with this powerful medication. Anesthesia is one of the most widely used medications of all-time, and its benefits provide a serene and relaxed vibe. Without anesthesia, it would be extremely hard for doctors to perform many invasive medical treatments. Anesthesia is a game changer in a sense, but what would we as a people do if this drug was never invented?

Capital Anesthesiology Association has played a key role for providing these valuable services throughout a broad coverage area. This organization serves the people as well as the community. Since its inception, CAA has consistently produced great results for the business and the clinical sides thanks to its competent staff members. None of this is by chance because the medical staff here has been thoroughly trained. Most of the doctors and nurses are either board certified, or they’re in the process of doing so. This certification comes from the prestigious American Board of Anesthesiology. All of the members work together as a team to reach a progressive end goal. Patients won’t have to worry with the frustration of dealing with insurance carriers and the billing process. This administrative staff is in a class of its own. Highly trained, knowledgeable, experienced and ethical is what this organization is all about.

Many individuals of the medical staff is involved in the community. These individuals donate a lot of their time and skills for mission groups. These mission groups offer medical services for underserved regions around the world. There just isn’t anything this extraordinary place can’t handle. Patients will receive high quality treatment, which helps to start the healing process. Capital Anesthesiology Association is leading by example, and it’s further solidifying its position at the top.

An Investing Mastermind – SahmAdrangi Shorting Endeavors

As the stock market provides limitless opportunities for capital growth, many businesses have taken advantage of this to create profit. One such company is Kerrisdale Capital Management. Founded by SahmAdrangi, whose portfolio value exceeds $100 million, this company works on betting for and against companies.

What Does Shorting of Stocks Mean?

The betting “against” companies is done by shorting their stocks. If SahmAdrangi believes that some company’s stocks are overpriced, they will borrow them and sell them right before the price drops. Then, they will pay them back when the price has dropped, thus keeping the difference for themselves.

Current Plans

One of the latest endeavors of this kind involves gathering money from the public so that a major stock shorting can be done. The business was able to obtain over $100 million from various investors who were fond of the plan. The company which Kerrisdale Capital Management has chosen to do this to is undisclosed, but it has been reported that it is a multi-billion dollar organization.

Success in the Past

This will not be the first time that Adrangi has betted against a company and profited a lot of money. Some examples include a satellite company Globalstar and drug-producing business Sage Therapeutics and Zafgen. Success in these endeavors is what led to the growth of Adrangi’s company and portfolio to over $500 million in total.

Origins of the Founder

Although Adrangi may appear as a villain, his career started by shorting fraudulent companies in China. This led to Security Exchange and Commission’s enforcement actions that were pushed on thosecompanies.He graduated from an IVY League School, Yale University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Soon after his graduation, he went into the industry and found himself working for LongacreManagemen, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund.

He formed his own company in 2009 and it has been exponentially growing ever since. Nowadays, he stays active by working with investors who are interested in his “shorting” expertise that has earned him millions of dollars over the course of his career.


London’s EFH Subsidiary Closes ANGLE Deal

Equities First (London) Limited stated at the close of last month it is set to return the entirety of the publicly traded shares used as collateral in the ANGLE plc liquidity transaction. This announcement comes as the conclusion to a two-year deal between the Equities First Holdings LLC subsidiary and ANGLE plc CEO, Andrew Newland. The deal is one of the first closed transactions for the newly acquired equity firm, formerly Meridian Equity Partners Limited, and signifies a new era for the global leaders in alternative financing solutions.While the first completed transaction is newsworthy as it is the beginning of Equities First Holdings LLC entrance into the European market it is by no means anything but yet another successful deal for the global equity firm. EFH CEO and founder Al Christy Jr. had this to say of the finalized deal, “The return of collateral to clients is business-as-usual for Equities First Holdings. As a company, EFH and its subsidiaries have completed more than 700 transactions, and we have a perfect track record of returning our clients’ collateral upon maturity and repayment.”

Equities First Limited Parent Company

Equities First Holdings LLC is a global leader in the alternative financing market with offices and subsidiaries spanning across four continents. Positioned in Indianapolis, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Sydney, Perth, and Bangkok EFH has placed itself in the center of thriving economies allowing individuals wishing to expand their businesses access to liquidity and capital with relative ease. Beginning with their first office in 2002, EFH has provided below market funding and capital for over 700 clients worldwide contributing $1.4 billion in assets.

Equities First Holdings LLC’s approach of offering non-purpose funding with only publicly traded shares as necessary collateral has made otherwise inaccessible capital available for clients unable to secure traditional credit-based loans. The added benefit of protecting borrowers in the case of a downturn in the market as well as the non-recourse feature has many turning to EFH as the first and only option for raising capital quickly.


The Life and Career of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a juggernaut within the tech field. He has worked hard for the last twenty plus years in order to solidify himself as one of the foremost innovators within the tech field. Pulier is well known for his work at vAtomic Systems and he has done some great things with his foundation — the XPrize Foundation. Pulier’s journey to top of the line success was not one that happened over night. In fact, you have to go way back to the beginning to see where it all began for him.

Early Life & Education

As a child there was nothing that Eric Pulier enjoyed doing more than working with, around, and on computers. He was absolutely enamored by how they worked and what he could do with them. This led Pulier to deciding that he wanted to work with technology for his career and he wanted to do work that would make a big difference later on in people’s lives.

Pulier was born in New Jersey and that’s where he went to school. Eventually he graduated and decided to head to Harvard to seek out his higher education. At Harvard Pulier made a name for himself as a quick witted editor for the school paper, the Harvard Crimson. Pulier got a lot of attention at the Harvard Crimson for his focus on broader topics that would come into focus years later, like cyber security and domestic terrorism. Pulier would go on to graduate Magna Cum Laude.

Life in Los Angeles

In order to make a difference in the tech world, at least back in the ’90s, you had to be on the ground floor. Pulier went from Harvard to Los Angeles in 11993. He hit the ground running and would establish his first company, People Doing Things, right out of the gate. Pulier’s focus with this company was on bringing solutions to people who suffered from poverty in the fields of healthcare and education.

Eventually Pulier’s early success would lead him to establish the XPrize Foundation. The XPrize Foundation creates competitions for both individuals and larger groups in order to try and develop technology that can make a real, global difference. The XPrize Foundation is focused on huge issues like poverty, disease, government, and larger global issues. The XPrize Foundation is still one of the most long lasting projects that Pulier has established and it continues to serve as his flagship work.

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Effective Trading Strategies with Creg Secker

One of the significance practices in the business industry is trading because it specializes in investing and creating trades which is usually economic market globally. Many of business people always want to do trading so that they can make more profits. Greg Secker is one the bet advisor to all business people who want to be prosperous and attain more money through giving them enhanced superior that will abide through and make them better trader mostly those that are upcoming and potential traders.


As a trader should have an adequate understanding of the main things that trading industry have and not only entering trading sector for more profit and the vital sector is Forex whereby it is important in the because it is a strategy in the market and usually used in the trading process, therefore, it is basic in the trading industry.

In order o be also have a prosperous trader one should have an exceptional style of trade and also follow through it because it will enable a trader to be proficiency and end of result is very good hence it will also attract other clients these are due to the better services that they attain. Furthermore, a trader will also avoid making a dreadful mistake and make more money in the process.


Additionally being sensible and continually knowing own goals are also an important factor in the trading industry because it enables one to prevent loss and problems hence it makes one be more keen on the market trend and be ahead of other competitors. Also having good strategies and coming up with the new method in the trading sector enables a trader to have a good budget that will enable one to make proper choice financially hence making more income. Being firm is another value that a trader should have hence it enables one to pass through challenges and also avoid loss.


Greg Secker is one of the famous entrepreneurs who doesn’t believe in failure. He is the founder of Knowledge to Action Group in the year 2003. Furthermore, the organizations provide trading software and technology. He got a bachelor in Agricultural and Food Sciences from the University of Nottingham.

Who is Gregory Aziz?

Gregory J Aziz is the President, CEO, and Chairman of National Steel Car. National Steel Car has been a leading business in railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing for over 100 years. With headquarters in Hamilton Ontario, National Steel Car has managed to win the trust of its customers and a company that offers high-quality services, driven by values and a sense of purpose.

Greg Aziz’s journey dates back to 1949 when he was born. His started realizing his dream of venturing into the business when he joined Ridley College and then proceeded to the University of Western Ontario and majored in economics. Upon his graduation from the university, James Aziz joined his family and helped them in running Affiliate Foods, a wholesale food business that grew within a span of 16 years to become a giant in importing of fresh foods from Europe, Central, and South America. Apart from working in the family business, Greg Aziz has also worked in several investment banking opportunities in the New York City in the late 1980s and early 1990s before thinking of another line of business.

In 1994, Gregory James Aziz wanted to venture into the business of manufacturing and engineering of cars. He organized the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco. The company was then in Canada. James Aziz’s aim was to transform National Steel Car from not just the greatest Canadian company but also a leading North America’s company in the business of manufacturing railroads freight cars. By 1999, Greg James Aziz has managed to transform National Steel Car from its manufacturing base of 3,500 cars per year to manufacturing 12,000 cars. Greg J Aziz also managed to transform the company from an employment capacity of 600 hundred to almost 3,000.

James Aziz’s dreams do not lie in National Steel Car alone. He and his wife, Irene, are the major sponsors of Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Canada’s most known and prominent agricultural fair. Ever since he took over the helm of National Steel Car, Greg James Aziz has been instrumental in making sure that the company sticks to its core values and working with a sense of purpose this will always place it ahead of its competitors and to the satisfaction of their customers. Those who know Greg Aziz say that he is a man with passion and who never let go of any idea that is good.



Aloha Construction, A Company You Can Trust

Aloha Construction is a family owned construction service in Illinois and Wisconsin. They utilize only the best technology to make sure that you are truly satisfied with the results. They do all sorts of construction work, ranging from roofing to installing gutters to installing walls.

Aloha Construction likes saying We Reign When It Storms. This means that when it storms, and your roof gets damaged, and shingles start breaking off, Aloha Construction reigns supreme, because they are truly the heroes that come in and save the day. They will be there as soon as possible to fix your roof and get it back to normal. Of course, it is a play on words, since reign sounds similar to rain and to know more

Aloha Construction has one goal, and that is to make you happy. They are headed by David Farbaky. He instills in his workers this goal as well. That is why he requires that all his workers go through special training at the best schools so that they can become experts in the jobs that they are going to do.

David Farbaky is definitely someone you can trust. He is a well known entrepreneur, as he is the head of such as large company. At the same time, he is also a caring man who cares about the poor. That is why he started the David Farbaky Foundation. This is his charitable arm, and he uses it to help out the poor and disadvantaged. He cares about every single customer and makes every job perfect.

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The success of Honey Birdette in the Lingerie Business

Recapping the article
Back in 2006, Eloise Monaghan came up with an idea of opening a lingerie business. The company has been in constant growth for the last few years, and currently, it has taken over the market because of the quality of products and services. The company started its operations in Brisbane, Australia. The beginning of the creation was not very easy, but the process of growth has been constant. Currently, Honey Birdette has 55 stores in the Australian market alone.
Expanding the services
Other than creating a good market in Australia, Honey Birdette has developed a way in which the services can be expanded to other parts of the world. Currently, there have been plans to increase the number of stores in the markets that are outside of Australia. By mid-2017, the company had already established about three stores in Britain. There are plans to increase the number of stores from three to ten before the end of the year.
The American Market
The statistics of the American market is fascinating. The company develops targets and expectations as the sales process begin. The targeted online sales in the American market were surpassed by the actual sales made. The United States registered 374% in sales. The increased demand has been a motivational factor in the plans for expansion.
The origin of the lingerie idea
While sharing a bottle of champagne with a friend at a bar, Eloise Monaghan did not like the lingerie that was worn by ladies. The desired appeal was not satisfied. Lingerie has a specific function of giving a sexual appeal. The revelation of the body was not to the expected standards. From this observation, Monaghan decided to start his venture where he could give his idea of the best lingerie. From the current sales made, the selection of his taste proves to be among the best in the current market.

Talos Energy Reforming Mexico’s Oil Industry

For over 80 years, a private company had not sunk a new offshore oil well in Mexican waters. However, recently Talos Energy LLC managed to take part which brought foreign competitors back into the energy markets. Houston’s Talos Energy, London –based Premier Oil and Sierra Oil &Gas formed a joint venture and started drilling the well. Since Mexico nationalized its oil industry in 1993, the joint venture was the first offshore exploration to be launched other than state-run monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos.

Premier stated in their statement that the Sureste-based basin off Tabasco State called Zama-1 well holds about 100 million to 50 million barrels of crude. 90 days is expected to be utilized to complete drilling at the cost of $ 16million. In 2015, the three companies in the joint venture won the rights to the prospect. They won after Mexico voted to launch an ailing oil industry to private investment in the first round of bidding.

The basin structure of Zama suggests a high geological chance of success. Elaine Reynolds, an analyst at Edison Investment Research Ltd., in London said that the well would be keenly watched. The well is the first non-Premix to be drilled. An analyst at Canaccord Genuity Ltd. stated that according to the Mexican Market, Zama is among the top impressive exploration wells to be drilled in the industry. Talos Energy owns a 35% stake in the partnership. Therefore, Talos is the operator, Premier holds 25%, and Sierra owns 40 percent.

Talos Energy Ltd is a private oil and gas company with years of experience in the offshore exploration and production industry. Before launching Talos Energy in 2012, the organization had built and sold two Gulfs of Mexico oil and gas industries, Gryphon Exploration Co. and Phoenix Exploration Co. recording positive results for Talos Energy Ltd.

Talos Energy Ltd is based in USA, Houston but mainly operates its assets in their business in south Louisiana areas and around the Gulf of Mexico and. Taos has won a vast array of contracts in Mexican Oil auction. With its professional employees, Talos hopes to improve on their drilling techniques through their expertise and extensive research being done.