MB2 Dental Solutions’ Efforts To Stay On Top

There’s a lot to expect from the dental industry with the rise of internet technology, social media platforms and various tech that inspire change for the field. One of the many companies that are ready to face the challenges of the future in dentistry is MB2 Dental Solutions. What does the company do right now to ensure that they remain the leader in dental technology? Here’s the article to show the activities the dental company does to increase their visibility.

1. Doctor Owners’ Rewards

Last May 23, 2017, MB2 Dental Solutions made it to the news again by releasing a project about giving rewards to the dentists and practitioners under their network. Being a leader among dental support organizations in the country means that MB2 Dental Solutions has to always reach out to their people. At the Owner’s Retreat that the company organized, many dentists were able to connect with other dental workers in other states while enjoying fun leisure activities such as white-water rafting and hiking trips to Cabo San Lucas.

Over 40 dental practice managers and dentists went to the event with their spouses and spent four days in Cancun, Mexico to bond and establish rapport among the fellows.

2. Marketing Video Release

Another activity that MB2 Dental Solutions pushed to answer their marketing needs was the launch of the “We Are Dentistry” Video Series in their Youtube channel. The new video edited in a documentary style aims to record the daily life of the dentists and dental clinic owners in their struggles, passions, and personal experiences. It is also the goal of this video project to showcase the dedication of the employees that make the growth of MB2 Solutions possible.

The first video released was the feature of Dr. Mary Courtin, who was the doctor owner who spends the rest of her time as an abiding mom and dog breeder. An avid running athlete, Dr. Courtin also explains in the video how her philosophy to serve others with dentistry gives her life the ultimate meaning that it has.

With these activities, MB2 Dental Solutions continues to be a major network of dentists that offer the best support and quality assistance to any dentist who wishes to thrive in their career in the age of modern technology.

The principles of MB2 Dental anchors on helping dentists accomplish their goals and provide innovation to how dental management gets done today, where every large chunk of data travels across the globe at the blink of an eye.

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