Securus Technologies Responds to Detainee Communication Requisite

Now tell me if this not success of the Securus Technologies; an American Prison Technology company. It has a product presence in over 2600 correctional facilities and a workforce of about 1,000 people on wages and salaries. Fully functional subsidiary offices in Carrolton, Allen, and Atlanta. Over $600 million investment in technologies, patents, and acquisitions in only three years. If this can not define success, then I wonder what will.


Securus Technologies is a leader in prison technology more so in term of communication. When T- Netix and Evercom merged, Securus rose to be the brand leader and therefore acquired the stake. As a company, its market penetration is due to technological advancement and innovations. Its product portfolio, for instance, uses a Managed Access Solutions. This system restricts the use of contraband cell phones by the inmates and monitors and record call data. It has tremendously helped track crime and other inmate linked wrongdoers.


Other products include the Wireless Containment Solution that halts mobile networks interconnection. The Cell Defender Technology is also another commonly used feature by the Securus Technologies in correctional facilities. The PRNewswire reviews show customers’ satisfaction with this prison technology. Remarkably, Securus Technologies reaffirms public safety; allow seamless investigation, monitoring, and corrections. Richard Smith the CEO acknowledges that customer feedback is always taken positively and has helped innovate and improve the system.


About Securus Technologies

It was established in 1986 in Dallas, Texas which remains the nerve center as a privately held company. Securus has diversified in information technology, enterprise software, call management system and data analytics. The favorable outcome is that in a controlled way has facilitated management of government information, Parolee tracking, and inmate communication. Due to the convenience brought forth, the Securus Technologies Products are continuously gaining dominance with over 70 million calls by 2015.


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