Fantasy Sports: A New Era in Gaming

Fantasy sport is a new trend in online gaming, where in gamers download a specialized application where they can draft the players that they wanted and watch them win a game. The type of sport being played in a fantasy sport depends on the gamer. The gamer also have the autonomy to choose who would play on his draft. Fantasy Sport is reported to be a multi-billion dollar industry, with millions of players across the United States alone.

DRAFT is one of the hottest fantasy sports applications that can be downloaded from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Gamers can draft their favorite players once every week, and they can play anytime using their devices. There is also a better chance of winning at any fantasy sport game using Play Draft. What the gamers have to do after downloading the application is that they have to select a fantasy sport, and then select their draft, which should have at least two to ten people. The next step would be selecting their players. Gamers have to choose five players that should outscore their opponent’s set up. There will be live scoring, and once the game ends and the gamer wins, they can collect the points and start drafting again.

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