Great Advice on Social Security to Financial Advisors by Dave Giertz

According to Dave Giertz, there is a need for advisors who speak about social security. It is important to engage your clients in social security talks for a safer retention days in future. Dave Giertz is the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors Institute. According to him, people who are ten years from retirement and the retirees are the ones whose future are, most likely, affected by social security issues. Social security is an essential element in life, it contains over 2700 rules that an individual must put up with in order to achieve its benefit. The number is quite vast, complex, and incomprehensible but one can still achieve much by just understanding and having a conference around the rules.

Dave Giertz states that social security can take up to 40 % of the retirement planning process income, which is a huge part, and for these reasons, a financial adviser must take an enormous interest in these fields. Besides, social security is the only way for an individual to optimise their retirement income. Due to this, most clients would prefer a financial adviser who speaks about social security for a safer retirement income planning process.

David Giertz

Mr. Giertz is the current president of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. prior to that, David Giertz had been in service as Senior Vice President-Nationwide Financial Distribution since April 3, 2013. Apart from these, he is also serving in various nationwide company outlets as president, senior vice president, and director. His business is based in Dublin, Ohio and is a very experienced personnel with over 30 years in such financial fields.

Mr. Giertz has so far been registered in various areas which include; FINRA, where he is a broker-dealer for different brokerage firms. His job is to help the broker dealers in buying and selling securities such as; stocks bonds, mutual funds, and other investment related products.

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