Omar Yunes: Top Mexican Franchisee who Won BFW Award

Sushi Itto is a Mexican franchise owned by one of the most successful investors, Omar Yunes. He began operating this franchise during his youthful years, and today the brand’s growth has been very successful. Omar Yunes operates more than 10 franchises located in several areas including Veracruz Mexico City, and others. Mr. Yunes has used his entrepreneurial skills to market his brand and products, allowing him to have a say in the food industry. In 2015, the businessman scooped one of the most prestigious business-related awards, the Best Franchisee of the World. The occasion was held in Italy and had representatives from over 30 countries.

Omar Yunes’ franchise units have employed close to 400 people. One of the reasons why he scooped the BFW award was his ability to motivate his employees and also giving them better terms when it comes to salaries and allowances. This has enabled the employees to be more active in helping the brand realize its goals. In fact, Mr. Yunes acknowledged the efforts of his employees after winning the award, and said he was only representing them. Sushi Itto brand has developed a strong operating network under the excellent leadership of Omar Yunes.

For many years, Omar has focused on providing quality services to his clients and making Sushi Itto a top brand in the global food industry. His employees recognize Mr. Yunes for his motivational, innovative and excellent leadership skills. In addition, he has the ability to look for sustainable solutions to a range of market challenges within the industry, a secret for the rapid growth of his brand. Omar realizes that employees are valuable asset for the success of any brand.

Omar Yunes is a team leader who accepts ideas from his employees that may lead to successful growth and expansion of his brand. He supports and appreciates their effort because they are the reason why he won the BFW award. The reputation of Sushi Itto has continued grow, making it a force to reckon with both regionally and on the global markets. The brand can now compete comfortably with other top brands around the world.

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