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MB2 Dental Solutions’ Efforts To Stay On Top

There’s a lot to expect from the dental industry with the rise of internet technology, social media platforms and various tech that inspire change for the field. One of the many companies that are ready to face the challenges of the future in dentistry is MB2 Dental Solutions. What does the company do right now to ensure that they remain the leader in dental technology? Here’s the article to show the activities the dental company does to increase their visibility.

1. Doctor Owners’ Rewards

Last May 23, 2017, MB2 Dental Solutions made it to the news again by releasing a project about giving rewards to the dentists and practitioners under their network. Being a leader among dental support organizations in the country means that MB2 Dental Solutions has to always reach out to their people. At the Owner’s Retreat that the company organized, many dentists were able to connect with other dental workers in other states while enjoying fun leisure activities such as white-water rafting and hiking trips to Cabo San Lucas.

Over 40 dental practice managers and dentists went to the event with their spouses and spent four days in Cancun, Mexico to bond and establish rapport among the fellows.

2. Marketing Video Release

Another activity that MB2 Dental Solutions pushed to answer their marketing needs was the launch of the “We Are Dentistry” Video Series in their Youtube channel. The new video edited in a documentary style aims to record the daily life of the dentists and dental clinic owners in their struggles, passions, and personal experiences. It is also the goal of this video project to showcase the dedication of the employees that make the growth of MB2 Solutions possible.

The first video released was the feature of Dr. Mary Courtin, who was the doctor owner who spends the rest of her time as an abiding mom and dog breeder. An avid running athlete, Dr. Courtin also explains in the video how her philosophy to serve others with dentistry gives her life the ultimate meaning that it has.

With these activities, MB2 Dental Solutions continues to be a major network of dentists that offer the best support and quality assistance to any dentist who wishes to thrive in their career in the age of modern technology.

The principles of MB2 Dental anchors on helping dentists accomplish their goals and provide innovation to how dental management gets done today, where every large chunk of data travels across the globe at the blink of an eye.

Securus Technologies Responds to Detainee Communication Requisite

Now tell me if this not success of the Securus Technologies; an American Prison Technology company. It has a product presence in over 2600 correctional facilities and a workforce of about 1,000 people on wages and salaries. Fully functional subsidiary offices in Carrolton, Allen, and Atlanta. Over $600 million investment in technologies, patents, and acquisitions in only three years. If this can not define success, then I wonder what will.


Securus Technologies is a leader in prison technology more so in term of communication. When T- Netix and Evercom merged, Securus rose to be the brand leader and therefore acquired the stake. As a company, its market penetration is due to technological advancement and innovations. Its product portfolio, for instance, uses a Managed Access Solutions. This system restricts the use of contraband cell phones by the inmates and monitors and record call data. It has tremendously helped track crime and other inmate linked wrongdoers.


Other products include the Wireless Containment Solution that halts mobile networks interconnection. The Cell Defender Technology is also another commonly used feature by the Securus Technologies in correctional facilities. The PRNewswire reviews show customers’ satisfaction with this prison technology. Remarkably, Securus Technologies reaffirms public safety; allow seamless investigation, monitoring, and corrections. Richard Smith the CEO acknowledges that customer feedback is always taken positively and has helped innovate and improve the system.


About Securus Technologies

It was established in 1986 in Dallas, Texas which remains the nerve center as a privately held company. Securus has diversified in information technology, enterprise software, call management system and data analytics. The favorable outcome is that in a controlled way has facilitated management of government information, Parolee tracking, and inmate communication. Due to the convenience brought forth, the Securus Technologies Products are continuously gaining dominance with over 70 million calls by 2015.


Fantasy Sports: A New Era in Gaming

Fantasy sport is a new trend in online gaming, where in gamers download a specialized application where they can draft the players that they wanted and watch them win a game. The type of sport being played in a fantasy sport depends on the gamer. The gamer also have the autonomy to choose who would play on his draft. Fantasy Sport is reported to be a multi-billion dollar industry, with millions of players across the United States alone.

DRAFT is one of the hottest fantasy sports applications that can be downloaded from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Gamers can draft their favorite players once every week, and they can play anytime using their devices. There is also a better chance of winning at any fantasy sport game using Play Draft. What the gamers have to do after downloading the application is that they have to select a fantasy sport, and then select their draft, which should have at least two to ten people. The next step would be selecting their players. Gamers have to choose five players that should outscore their opponent’s set up. There will be live scoring, and once the game ends and the gamer wins, they can collect the points and start drafting again.

Great Advice on Social Security to Financial Advisors by Dave Giertz

According to Dave Giertz, there is a need for advisors who speak about social security. It is important to engage your clients in social security talks for a safer retention days in future. Dave Giertz is the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors Institute. According to him, people who are ten years from retirement and the retirees are the ones whose future are, most likely, affected by social security issues. Social security is an essential element in life, it contains over 2700 rules that an individual must put up with in order to achieve its benefit. The number is quite vast, complex, and incomprehensible but one can still achieve much by just understanding and having a conference around the rules.

Dave Giertz states that social security can take up to 40 % of the retirement planning process income, which is a huge part, and for these reasons, a financial adviser must take an enormous interest in these fields. Besides, social security is the only way for an individual to optimise their retirement income. Due to this, most clients would prefer a financial adviser who speaks about social security for a safer retirement income planning process.

David Giertz

Mr. Giertz is the current president of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. prior to that, David Giertz had been in service as Senior Vice President-Nationwide Financial Distribution since April 3, 2013. Apart from these, he is also serving in various nationwide company outlets as president, senior vice president, and director. His business is based in Dublin, Ohio and is a very experienced personnel with over 30 years in such financial fields.

Mr. Giertz has so far been registered in various areas which include; FINRA, where he is a broker-dealer for different brokerage firms. His job is to help the broker dealers in buying and selling securities such as; stocks bonds, mutual funds, and other investment related products.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi And Bradesco

Luiz Carlos is an official with an exceptional record in Brazil’s Banking history. Trabuco is the current president of the private Bradesco bank in Brazil. Unlike other famous CEOs, Luiz Carlos began his professional career in the banking sector as a clerk at Marilia agency immediately after he got his Bachelors in philosophy from the University of Sao Paulo. Over the years, Carlos Trabuco has worked diligently to raise the Brazilian financial industry in many ways.

With over 50 years of working experience with Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has proofed to the world that he can transform the organization to the next level. Luiz Carlos took the responsibilities from Cypriano at the time when the organization was not in good shape. Due to his unique abilities in the financial sector, Luiz Carlos was able to move too fast to become the president of Bradesco. For instance, previously he served as the executive director of Bradesco and later in the year 1999, he was the vice president of the same organization. Perhaps, his competency in this field is the reason behind his success.

In most instances, some CEOs lead by commands. However, to Luiz, it is entirely different. Carlos Trabuco actively engages his employees and board members in every decision they make. Besides, he is always around to see what is happening in the organization throughout the day. It is interesting that as a CEO, Luiz Carlos arrives at work at 6 O’clock in the morning and leaves at 6 p.m. Although it might sound funny to other incompetent CEOs, for Trabuco it is a norm.

Under his leadership, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has achieved to transform the publicity of Bradesco in numerous ways. As a privately owned facility, not many people knew much about Bradesco in the times of Cypriano and other presidents. However, through him, the firm has been able to be correctly represented to many media platforms. Additionally, he is the only president in the history of Bradesco that has ever achieved a 25% market shares in the insurance segment. In fact, at some point, the firm was named the best insurer in Latin America. Luiz Carlos has been able to achieve all these through his outstanding strategies that value customer satisfaction. Besides, he is one CEO who understands the importance of customer value.

Carlos Trabuco’s professional career is a perfect match influenced by a combination of talent and an entrepreneurship spirit. In 2005, Dinheiro recognized Trabuco as the entrepreneur of the year. Actually, he made an acquisition that created a substantial impact in two leading banking organizations. The acquisition played a significant role for the firm by controlling the interest in the branch of HSBC. The US $5.2 billion acquisition helped his organization to outperform Itau Unibanco, which by then had the largest market shares. In particular, Bradesco outflanked the organization in number of account holders, number of branches, and total investment funds. For instance, according to financial experts, this was the largest acquisition the Brazilian financial industry recorded in the year 2015.

Lastly, due to his extraordinary skills in the banking sector, the Brazilian government has involved him in several projects that have helped grow its economy. Truth be told, it is not easy for a government to entrust sensitive projects to banking officials easily. Some of them take advantage of government resources hence end up doing the unexpected; looting. Thus, due to his loyalty, many organizations have tried to convince him to work for them. However, in all instances he stood strongly to decline the offers. For example, he declined the position of the president at Dilma Roussef sometimes back. Therefore, it is clear that Luiz Carlos has eminent love for Bradesco.

Robert Ivy: Award-Winning Architect And Editor

Robert Ivy is the American Institute of Architects CEO and executive vice president. He was promoted to CEO in 2011. Born in Columbus, Mississippi, Ivy has a bachelor’s degree in English from The University of the South and a master’s from Tulane University in Architecture. In 1981 he was hired as a principal with Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy. He remained with the company until 1996. During that time Ivy also served as a critic for a large number of national publications.

In 1996, Robert Ivy became Architectural Record’s editor-in-chief. During his time with the publication, Ivy helped it to grow tremendously. He did such a good job that Architectural Record became the architectural journal that was more widely read than any other in the world. After having developed a reputation for incredible work, Robert Ivy was hired by McGraw-Hill Construction Media as editorial director and vice president. Their stable of publications included SNAP, GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design, HQ Magazine, Architectural Record: China, ENR, Sweets and Constructor.

Robert Ivy was so well respected in architectural circles, he was selected as part of the jury panel that chose architect Frank Gehry to be the one to design the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. He’s also a Design Futures Council Senior Fellow. Plus, in 1998 Ivy was given the McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence. He was given the Crain Award in 2009. It’s the highest recognition the American Business Media gives to an individual.

Ivy’s work also garnered Architectural Record a number of very prestigious publishing industry awards. They include an National Magazine Award for General Excellence from the American Society of Magazine Editors, the premier magazine journalism award. The publication also won 7 Ozzies: Folio Design Awards, over 2 dozen Jesse H. Neal Awards, along with being voted 2008 Website of the Year by MPA Digital.

Since the American Institutes of Architects hired Robert Ivy as executive vice president and CEO, the registered architect and well-respected corporate executive has helped heighten the 87,890 member organization’s value and relevance through ambitious projects that are repositioning it for the 21st century.

Go Big And Go Home With Beneful

Walmart offers Beneful pet food products reasonably priced for your budget. You can get up to an additional 20% off with their Rollback promotional offer. That’s right get a heart healthy meal for your pet you can afford. If you value your pets health, feed them a diet they will love. Who says you have to sacrifice quality for quantity? Walmart advertises Beneful Dog Food brands for all breeds of all sizes. Each package is infused with the wholesomeness you can trust and depend on. Their products will make your pets happy and help them leave a productive lifestyle. Enjoy gourmet meals with real meat and vegetables or treats that protect your peta oral health

Give your pet a nutritious meal and they’ll thank you every meal time. Get wet kisses and watch the constant wagging of the tail because of the great taste of real chicken and beef. Real meat contents are easy to digest unlike competitor products. Get wild rice, carrots, and green beans as real vegetable additives. Walmart is proud to make thousands of pet owners happy each year with Beneful products for the strictest budget. Feed your beloved pet companion one of the top brands in the industry with Beneful. A healthy pet will be active and have a strong heart. In fact, their pet food works towards helping your pet maintain a safe weight.

Each brand of Beneful is packed with the wholesome goodness your pet will love and pet owners can trust for all natural ingredients. Beneful is a pet food thousands of pet lovers trust for their pet companion. Give you puppy a great start with food puppy food products that are designed to grow with your pet. Add valuable years to tour pets life by improving their diet with Beneful for all budget types.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America on a Mission to Make it Better

Three organizations together gathered data and created a new solution to use clinical workflows in the Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record. Cancer Treatment Centers of America, NantHealth and Allscripts will now implement this solution. This system is custom created, and it will help patients receive better care. It will also allow specialists to share and use data from different cancer cases. A lot of oncological data was written on note cards and creating an online system was crucial for both involved sides.


Data Gathering and Use


Linking different forms of cancer to the most optimal treatment options was also important. It will help diagnosis to reach patients faster. Doctors no longer will need to play the guessing game because the data will continually be updated and improved. Researchers and developers were working on a new ecosystem to have the high standards of Cancer Treatment Centers of America for patient care.


Oncologists now will be able to create lists of possible treatment or therapy options for each type of cancer. This way they will not have to draw up a separate plan, perform the comparison between available medications in the market or spend hours with online ordering systems.


This system will also give a more comprehensive understanding of their treatment and offer more transparency around the cancer care sector. Patients will be able to see the data about their treatment, statistics and medication list among other important details.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Do Their Best


Cancer Treatment Centers of America with the main office in Boca Raton Florida is a sisterhood of five different hospitals providing care and support for cancer patients in the country.


Their specialists and researchers are patient oriented, and they use a combination of genomic testing and precision cancer treatment. The more popular treatment includes surgery, chemo and radiotherapy.


The dedicated staff are on site to help people manage the physical and mental side-effects of the disease and treatment. The five involved hospitals are located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa providing care for international patients from all over the world.

James Dondero Helps the Dallas Zoo to Bring Hippos to Its Nets

James Dondero, the President of Highland Capital Management, helped the Dallas Zoo bring hippos to its nets – a long cherishing demand for the hippo lovers of the city. It took almost a year’s intense construction and another four years planning for making a post in the Zoo that costs around $14 million. The Amazing Simmons Hippo Post is a naturalistic waterhole habitat gives clear views of the giant creatures. Interestingly, it also has giant underwater viewing windows for the visitors to see through the water. James Dondero contributed more than $1,000, 000 for building a lodge of size 4.485-square-foot in the post that is helpful for private events and extensive educational displays.


Dondero is a well-known philanthropist and has contributed millions to various community development programs. Recently, his Highland Capital collaborated with Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation’s Former President, Linda Owen to provide strategic advice to channel the philanthropic activities and projects of the firm as it plans to expand the community support services. Under the direction of Dondero, Highland Capital contributes at least $3 million to various charitable organizations annually. He also made sure that the firm is contributing to many institutions including the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the Centre of Brain Health, and American Heart Association. Apart from donating money, the Executives of Highland offers guidance and strategies to many non-profit groups with their expertise and leadership experience.


Mike Rawlings, the current Dallas Mayor, has intense regards to Dondero and his philanthropic efforts. He admits that Highland Capital employees are ready to give their time and resources to great causes like environmental conservation. The contributions of Dondero and other contributors of Dallas Zoo helped the efficient construction of Hippo Post that uses 140,000 gallons of water. The newly added hippos to the recently built habitat are expected to attract more people in the coming years. It should be noted that the strategically located zoo was attracting more than 1,000,000 visitors annually. Interestingly, the Hippo Post is safe, green, and naturalistic, and that creates a completely natural habitat for the hippos giving full free movement throughout the post.

David McDonald Runs OSI Properly

For David McDonald to run OSI in the best way possible, he has to make sure that he is helping people and that they are going to be able to get the experiences that they need in different areas. He also does what he can to show people what they will be able to get out of the food group and what they can experience from the different options that they have. David McDonald OSI Group knows what he needs to do and also knows that OSI Group will continue to be a successful company as long as he is working to make things better. He has come a long way since he first started with success company and now, OSI Group operating more efficiently than they ever have before. He hopes that this trend will continue and that he can show people what they are able to get out of the company when they are looking for a food group company.

While David McDonald is able to provide food to major chains like McDonald’s and Starbucks, he also works to help the smaller, family-owned businesses. He knows that these can be just as valuable and he has specific lines of products for them. OSI Group hopes that they will be able to continue offering expert food services to people who are from all different types of food areas. It is something that David McDonald knows a lot about and knows that he will be able to do to help people with the things that they are experiencing.

OSI Group continues to grow and they are now operating out of China. They are working hard to show people what they can get and how they will be able to experience all different food options that they have. David McDonald knows what he needs to do and also knows that the company will continue to grow for people so that they will be able to experience all of the options that they have. He is confident that he can help them make the right choices for their business and the food that they need.

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