Highland Capital Management: An Experienced Investment Advisor

Highland Capital Management is a SEC registered investment Company. The Company has raised approximately $ 13.4 billion in partnership with their affiliated companies. Highland Capital Management is the largest global credit managers.


The Company has been specializing in credit strategies, long only funds, and special private equity. They have diversified their client base like pension, endowments, and funds for funds.


Highland Capital Management was established in 1990. James Dondero and Mark Okada launched the Company as a joint venture with the Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The two Companies merged to offer fixed income markets.


In 1993, the Company evolved into a Protective Asset Management Company. The Protective Life Insurance Corporation owns 60% of the Company shares while the two partners; James and Mark hold 40%.


Mark and James acquired the 60% of shares from the Insurance Company in 1997and they renamed the Company to Ranger Asset Management. Ranger Asset Management operated as an independent Company registered by SEC. The management changed the name to Highland Capital Management. In 2000, the Company established it first Bank loan fund and later established the alternative investment 40 Act. Highland acquired floating funds from the Columbia Asset Management.


Highland management is based in Texas but has other offices in Sao Paulo, New York City Seoul, and Singapore.


Highland Capital Management follows different strategies that include: High yield credit, Long and short equity, Real estate, Structured products, Health care, Distressed and special situations, and emerging markets.


Highland Capital Management investment approach is to provide returns by the application of the investing principles. The Company’s philosophy will be based on three principles:


Experience: the management of the Company has years of experience in investing


Discipline: the team focuses on transparency and accountability. They use the checks and balances to help them reduce the risks.


Bold: the Company focuses on developing solutions for the present problems instead of products. The team also advocates for the investors and strive to remain independent.


James Dondero is the president of the Highland Company. He co-founded Highland Capital Management together with Mark Okada. Mike is the Chief Investment Officer.

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