Cancer Treatment Centers of America Forms New Alliance in the War on Cancer

On December 23, 1971, President Nixon declared war on cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America Nanhealth and Allscript are waging that war with the creation of Clinical Pathways.

A cancer diagnosis is devastating enough with out the added stress of having to wait and see if your health insurance approves payment for treatment. Through a program called “Eviti” Clinical Pathways eliminates that worry.

Once a course of treatment is chosen Eviti Connect enables the oncologist to get immediate pre-authorization. The program provides easier processing of claims
and reduces denials of payment and the need for appeals.

Clinical Pathways clinical interfacing system gives physicians access to the input of hundreds of oncologist along with a collection of the latest data on cancer treatment. This platform enables doctors to devise a patient specific treatment regimen based on a patient’s general health and the stage of their cancer.

A course of treatment is formed from evidence based clinical approaches. This approach to cancer care includes supportive therapies that enable the patient deal with side effects improving their quality of life during treatment. Emotionally. patients are at ease knowing they are receiving the right treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded by Richard J. Stephenson after he lost his mother to cancer in 1988. Today, CTCA has five hospitals throughout the United States that treat only adults with cancer. Some of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s accreditations include Full Standard Compliance from the Joint Commission and National Accreditation for Breast Center. CTCA consistently receives high patient satisfaction scores.

A team approach is taken to the treatment of patients. Genomic testing makes it possible to design a treatment tailor made to each patient. An oncologist at CTCA uses traditional treatments: surgery radiation and immunotherapy. Every treatment program includes a large dose of humanity.

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