Jason Hope’s Take on Success as an Entrepreneur

Jason Hope has spent the better part of his career focusing on trends within the tech industry. His work as a futurist and a researcher at the SENS Foundation have made him one of the few people who can really, truly, accurately give a taste of what is to come in the tech world. Right now Jason Hope has been focusing on the Internet of Things, an ever growing industry that connects all of our daily objects with the internet. Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur with a unique look on the world and he is definitely worth learning from.

Hope points to his profession as a futurist in order to profess his excitement for the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things, according to Jason Hope, will fundamentally affect society and the way we function. Hope says, “I think that the Internet of Things has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and interact with each other.” Hope goes on to point out how the Internet of Things will dramatically change medical achievements, social achievements, and even the way that we focus on a more sustainable future around the globe.

Success as an entrepreneur is difficult but that does not mean that it is impossible Jason Hope advises new entrepreneurs to constantly focus on the “bigger picture”. Hope admits that it can be easy to get pulled down by the smaller details in your project but you have to keep pushing forward, always keeping your eyes on the horizon. Hope’s work has constantly reinforced the notion that focusing on the larger concepts is the most important aspect to success as an entrepreneur. Outside of his work in the tech field Jason Hope is a speaker, writer, and noted philanthropist. He is particularly known for his work researching anti aging developments with the SENS Foundation.

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