How Omar Yunes Has Boosted Sushi Itto’s Global Expansion

Mexican hotelier Omar Yunes has established himself as one of the country’s most astute investors. Mr. Yunes’ name is synonymous with the success that global Japanese restaurant franchise, Sushi Itto has had in Mexico. Recently, he was recognized as the best franchisee at a prestigious gala held in Florence, Italy. Omar’s recognition is attributed to the fact that he has been Sushi Itto’s most prominent franchisee. He has made an immense contribution to the brand’s global expansion efforts.

Omar became the chain’s franchisee at the age of 21. Despite his tentative age, his aggressiveness saw him expand quickly. At the moment, he operates 13 Sushi Itto outlets in Veracruz, Mexico City, and Puebla. This accounts for more than ten percent of the brand’s units. During the award ceremony, Omar stressed that he only represents the Sushi Itto brand and that the prize owed to more than 400 employees who have upheld high standards of customer satisfaction.

Global Representation

The glamorous gala had a global outlook. It was attended by reps from more than 30 countries including Italy, Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, Hungary, and Portugal. Sushi Itto Mexico was awarded due to its impact on the franchise in general, staff motivation, and improvements made to the original business model. The award attests to Omar’s dedication to provide his clients with unmatchable service and outstanding hospitality.

Mr. Omar in Brief

Mr. Yunes has had an indelible impact in the global corporate scene. He is renowned for his profitable investments in Mexico and beyond. He mainly invests in the property market and in the hospitality industry. Omar began his corporate journey at a young age. Nonetheless, he defied all odds to rise to the pinnacle of the corporate world.

Unlike other corporate executives who sit back and delegate duties to junior employees, Omar has a hands-on approach when it comes to business matters. He directly oversees the business operations of his firms. He is also renowned for his easygoing nature, something that has enabled him to forge business network across the corporate domain. Diversification has also enabled him to gain prominence. Mr. Yunes also has a significant stake in the lucrative New York property market.

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