CEO of Seattle Genetics Leading the Search for a Cure

Clay Siegall, the president and CEO of Seattle Genetics who started working in the fight against Cancer, is now working to get a drug that could sure cancer into the hands of those that need it so desperately. Here is that journey.

Clay began at the George Washington University, where he received his doctorate in genetics. He immediately began his career in being the best entrepreneur he could. His efforts paid off when the National Cancer Institute and National Institute of Health helped him begin work on anti-body science.

After that, Bristol-Myers Squibb offered him a position that lasted for six years. His work in the drug-development field has shown many how a company is best run. It is truly an inspiration to anyone that is interested in this field of science. Quoted as saying that: “scientists learn from their mistakes,” Clay goes on to comment that failures are what created the solution in many cases within medical science.

This work is his pride and joy, as anyone would expect it to be for a scientist. He has led to the creation of twelve other drugs that help people everyday. While arguably, price is sometimes the one barrier to many receiving the drugs that they need to find a cure, it all starts with the creation of that drug.

CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay adds that medical science is just beginning to tap into valuable resources that offer the cure for many diseases that continue to plague our world. People like Clay work hard daily to find those drugs and offer the help that can truly save lives. So it isn’t just about being a CEO of a drug company. It’s about winning the race for the cure against the real problem that has needlessly killed so many over the years.

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