Honey Birdette Offers Stunning New York Lingerie Line

Honey Birdette is a super sensual boutique that started in Australia. It is, in fact, Australia’s first sensuality boutique. In a recent post on the website Manofmany.com there are many photos of the honey’s wearing the newest offerings from Honey Birdette and they are simply lovely.

In the post by the Man of Many Tastes the author is sure to remind the reader that although this is a site geared towards men, they most assuredly don’t mind taking a break from the regular stuff to report on this new high end line of women’s lingerie. Then they proceed to lay out this season’s new looks as presented by Honey Birdette.

Honey Birdette started in 2006 in Australia. Two friends were simply tired of not being able to shop for high end lingerie in Australia as a whole and decided to do something about it. So, with a clink of champagne flutes an idea was born and Australia suddenly had it’s very own sensuality boutique.

The shops themselves can now be found on two continents and the items themselves can be found in bedrooms across the globe. Alongside the carefully crafted and designed lingerie they also offer things such as leather accessories, perfume, handcuffs, collars, harnesses, and massage candles.

The boutiques themselves can be found in Australia and England. Inside the stores is a fun and flirty atmosphere designed for the comfort of the shopper in mind. The staff are well trained and quirky. They are there not only to educate but to empower and help shoppers have the best possible experience. In keeping with their auspicious beginnings, shoppers are welcome to partake in champaign while shopping.

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