Avaaz and Its Intervention in Some of the Most Concerning Issues

Avaaz is a global activist organization based in U.S. which counters some of the most concerning issues of the planet, humans, and other organisms. The organization founded in 2007, and it fights against climate change, corruption, human rights, poverty, animal rights, and conflicts. The activist network has more than 44 million volunteers or members in 194 countries, and this makes the group as the most powerful and largest online activist network, according to The Guardian. It influences people, and communities with its bold opinion and movements that can prevent many derailing issues affecting nature, humans, and animals.


The group facilitates a simpler and easier option for anyone to file a petition to start campaigning at various levels. Currently, its biggest focus is to address the Paris Climate Accord derailing plans by Donald Trump, and it has devised some strategies to counter the pullout of U.S. from the agreement. The group intends to work with various American Mayors and other local leaders to ensure their support for Paris Accord. It also plans to work with global corporations to use 100% clean energy and work with car manufacturers to go for electric cars. While ensuring the activism, Avaaz also ensures that the message of what it fights for and how important that are for the existence of humans and planet is clearly communicated to the masses.


The group has some significant success in the past through signing petitions, direct actions, funding media campaigns, organizing “offline” protests, emailing, lobbying governments, and more. It has pulled out significant success in the past including Paris Climate Accord, net neutrality in various countries, protecting the marine ecosystem around the world, curbing Monsanto and its model of chemical agriculture, restricting Rupert Murdoch and his political agenda, and more. Avaaz is on a mission of the masses fighting against the greedy individuals.

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