Help from Securus Technologies to Preventing Dangerous Crimes

Even though criminals are locked away in side jail, it does not stop them from being able to commit crimes. As a law enforcement officer, I can not tell you how many times I have seen an inmate conduct business from the phone in the jail in coded messages, and the crimes then taking place on the outside. This is a very difficult type of crime to fight because you have to stay one step ahead of crafty inmates who know you are watching their moves.


One particular inmate was about to serve a very lengthy sentence if he was found guilty in court. As the case was winding down, it looked like when the star witness was going to take the stand, the case would be air-tight and this suspect would be in jail for life. Around this time we had Securus Technologies install an inmate communication system that could come at a better time.


This inmate was a talker, and other inmates had already reported that this suspect was on the lookout to hire someone to do some work for him. The details were always fuzzy and the people reporting the incidents had very bad pasts, so we really couldn’t work with any of their testimony until the suspect himself stepped up to the plate and dug his own grave.


From the jail, this suspect was speaking in code to a person on the outside, and the LBS software alerted us the chatter had to do with our case. The suspect was actually ordering a hit on the next witness in the case, one that could make or break the trial. We set a trap and this suspect thought that his associate actually did the killing, only to find out his own words were what caused the jury to come back with a guilty verdict.


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