Knowing Susan McGalla Better

Susan is one of the most respected American successful entrepreneurs. She is the Executive Consultant hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a board member of HFF Inc., a company that deals with real estate. She is also sitting on the councils of Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. She is the pioneer of P3 Executive Consulting where she currently acts as a fashion expert giving her advice in the fashion Industry.



Susan’s career started in 1994 at American Eagle Outfitters, holding various managerial positions till the year 2009. During the end of her career at the American Eagle Company, she served as the President. In 2011, she got named as the Chief Operating Officer of Wet Seal, and she continued as a consultant to various corporations. Susan is the most respected expert in Fashion and Marketing industries. She graduated from Mount Union College with a Bachelor degree in business and Marketing.


Inspiration to Women

Susan is a well-educated lady and an active force in the corporate world. Through sheer hard work and resilience, she has created herself a successful career. Her career has faced many challenges and barriers because of her gender. But it has not stopped her from succeeding for she believes that hard work is not biased to any gender. She advises women not to be intimidated based on their gender. She emphasizes on a good education to secure better positions at the workplace. Education prepares women to tackle all hurdles, they meet and those thrown to them, boldly.


Susan has refused to be intimidated due to her gender and proved it right that women in the society can achieve better as much as their male counterparts can attain. Success does not count on gender; it’s all about dedication, persistent and discipline.

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