ClassDojo Receiving Great Response Concerning Its Educational App

There have been technology advances over the past few decades. Along with the technology advances, there have been numerous technology innovations that have contributed to a significant change in the way many people handle work and personal tasks on a daily basis. One of the technology innovations that has contributed greatly to the changes is the smartphone.


In many ways, the smartphone has made technology easier for millions of technology users. The smartphone has allowed people to utilize a relatively small device to handle many tasks. In the educational arena, the smartphone has become very popular in the classroom. Many teachers use the smartphone to help them with classroom related tasks. In addition, one of the aspects of the smartphone that teachers find really useful are the apps.


Teachers can download a wide variety of apps to their smartphone that can be used in a classroom setting. One of the most useful apps that teachers have been using is an app developed by ClassDojo. The app helps teachers regarding a wide range of activities and tasks regarding schools and classrooms. Teachers can use the ClassDojo app on a network platform that allows them to do things such as uploading homework, uploading test grades, uploading videos, and other things that students and parents can access for use or viewing.


Another aspect of the ClassDojo app that teachers can use related to parents and students is the app communication feature. The feature allows teachers to communicate with parents on a regular basis. This communication using the ClassDojo app has become very popular among teachers. The communication with parents through the app is replacing the traditional teacher and parent student conference in many schools.


ClassDojo has provided use of its app to thousands of schools across the country. The app has filled a need in many schools related to teacher and parent communication along with several other important activities that are done in schools on a regular basis.


Recently ClassDojo received 21 million dollars in additional funding concerning its app. The money will be used to add features, functions, and enhancements to the app.



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