Advice for Women’s Success from Susan McGalla

Because of history, the last century has had a major focus on advocating to make changes in the standards provided to women in the workplace. This topic has become an outspoken, national conversation, and for good reason.

According to the United States Department of Labor, in the mid 20th century, one out of every five women contributed to the labor force. Now, 46.9% of women are active in the work force, but only 14.6% of these women hold an executive officer position. According to, business woman Susan McGalla shows that even though there is an increasing demand for women in the workplace, many women find they are overlooked when it comes to potential advancements.

Her most recent message surrounds three important pieces of information.

Better Education Equals Better Opportunities

To increase the number of opportunities that you have in the workplace, a better education is necessary. We live in a skill dependent economy, so the number of university educated women needs to increase. There are not enough women in the workforce with a powerful education, we need to change this now.

Increased Confidence

Women tend to feel less confident in the workplace, even when they are well educated. It is important that after graduation, women continue to have the confidence they had while in college. One of the main aspects of advancing your career is confidence in yourself, and confidence in your knowledge. Hit this.

Ignore that “Glass Ceiling”

McGalla’s success came from ignoring the glass ceiling and focusing on her work ethics instead. There is no reason to break the glass ceiling, just ignore it. Imaginary things cannot slow you down. Only your perception of them can. More related article on focusing on something like the glass ceiling, you reinforce stereotypes and reinforce the misconception that women cannot do the same job as a man. Prove them wrong through your determination and work ethic.

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