Children Have Hope With Andrea McWilliams

One thing that people can say is that children are the future. They are the most precious members of humanity. Therefore, it is important for them to be recognized because they have the greatest potential among all people. Andrea McWilliams realizes this. This is one of the reasons that she is doing everything she can to make sure children have a place to go whenever they are faced with a tragedy. In Austin, she understands that there are children that are faced with traumas and crises. This is one of the reasons that she has served in boards for children assistance foundations such as Austin’s Children in Crisis.

While children are meant to have a healthy and happy upbringing, there are a lot of children that are faced with plenty of issues in the home. A lot of children are exposed to harsh realities at a young age. As a result, they are left with something that they have to process while they are trying to grow up. This is where they need the most support. Often times, children are raised to believe that they are less than who they are and that they are not going to amount to anything good.

One thing that would break Andrea’s heart is to see a child who has given up hope. Therefore, she has worked hard to bring a lot of programs that would get children hoping again. With the support that these programs offer, children can learn to live in healthy environments. Andrea is also there to provide the support they need. After all, one of the major issues in society today are caused by people with unresolved trauma in their lives. Often times they turn to destructive habits. Andrea is working to bring forth solutions that could help people avoid these paths.

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