Lime Crime- The Cosmetic Company Ready To Take The Internet By Storm

The internet is an unapologetic and rapidly evolving expanse of ideas and trends, especially when it comes to the online make-up industry. And with beauty gurus and trend-setters everywhere becoming more and more environmentally conscious, anyone that’s anyone is switching over to the vegan lifestyle.


The online-based and PETA certified vegan company Lime Crime is coming out with industry leading and trendy new products so that beauty doesn’t have to be sacrificed for common decency. With a Tumblr-esqe aesthetic and top-notch products like their super pigmented hair dyes -more aptly named “Unicorn Hair”– it’s easy to see how Lime Crime is on the verge of rocking the Internet’s world. Eleven different colors are included in their latest hair dye collection, with edgy names like “Sext” and “Dirt Mermaid.” The colors range from vibrant green to a subtle rose gold, so hair color enthusiasts everywhere can get in on the action.


However, don’t let the ingenious names behind the products distract from their quality. Their new Diamond Crushers top coat lip collection has no set release date (PopSugar guesstimates sometime this April), but the hype behind this line is understandably overwhelming. The collection includes three brand new colors (Black Unicorn, a purple shade; Cleopatra, a rose gold tone; and Acid Fairy, a Barbie pink hue), each looking like they crushed up diamonds and bottled them up. The innovative top coats will not smudge or transfer, and claim to wear for hours without drying. What more could one ask for? check their instagram account for more!

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