Need Answers? White Shark Media

Only about twenty percent of American business is done online. This is surprising to many people because it is one of the most exponential growth experiencing sectors in business in the entire world. In my business experience, I find that still most small businesses fail even in this arena. However, because it is growing so rapidly, I also find that most of these businesses fail because they fail to prepare to succeed. Success is a very trying thing, and people will find that in order to be successful online in most cases, they will need multiple websites, and all of these sites will have to be search engine optimized and marketed. There are website companies out there that claim in their advertising that if you use their templates to produce your site then they will promote you in Google. This is an advertising ploy, there is no way to promote you in Google, and even the word promote is misleading in this case.


Google is a company, and they have policies that allow them to make profit. Because of this, they have things like algorithms that determine how things need to be done on websites in order to rank well. The policies change, some are only given to certain certified entities, these policies must be instituted across your whole website venture, and it does not matter how many sites you have up. This is the point in which people have not prepared for the success they will incur. It requires so much time to do all the things necessary for Google approval for even one website, so how would you do this for twenty or more? White Shark Media is the answer, they are one of the entities that Google has certified, and they do not get paid until they show results. Google it.


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