EOS Brings Forth Competition in Lip Balm Industry

EOS lip balm has become very popular in recent months. There is somewhat of an explosion in the lip balm in history, and EOS appears to be the leader that is ushering in a new movement.

Chapstick has been the lip balm king for a very long time. This had become the type of company that built the lip balm industry. Most people would not even consider anything else because the brand awareness for the Chapstick brand was so strong. This was a good thing for the company at one point, but it would also become problematic down the line. The leaders inside of chapstick thought that the brand was so strong that there would not be any real competition to lure customers away. This is where EOS was able to come in and create a spear shaped lip balm container that would totally rock the foundation of the lip balm industry for Chapstick.

The end result would be a change in directions for lip balm competitors as a whole. Everyone is trying to connect with customers and same bountiful flavors that are presented by EOS. This has become the company that is known for a lot of colorful spears and flavors that are fruit based.

A large number of people have discovered the EOS lip balm brand because of eBay and Amazon as it has been unofficially endorsed by other celebrities. There are a massive amount of people that have been spotted with this type of lip balm on social media. This type of mainstream publicity has been great for the US brand. It has allowed people that have never heard of the brain to discover it simply because someone tweeted about it or posted a picture that got likes on Facebook. This is how the EOS brand has managed to overshadow the competition.


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