Sawyer Howitt’s road to being an “Elite Racquetball Player”

Sawyer Howitt, son of the Meriwether Group’s CEO David Howitt, was a thriving young athlete in the world of Racquetball.

Though Sawyer was ranked as elite he has yet to claim the title of professional ranking. When pursuing any sport it takes years of hard work and discipline. Even after achieving such a level it still may not be enough to some. That being said, Sawyer Howitt is an example of the result.

Howitt was known to play Racquetball throughout high school and continued to play for some time after graduating high school until he stopped without any indications as to why he did. According to USA Racquetball’s event’s and profile page, Sawyer Howitt played a total of two games in which he both lost. In January of 2015 on the 21st, Howitt played against Eric Poppleton. On the 23rd of the same month, he played against Jack Baldschun. Source:

Sawyer Howitt has not played any other games since the last two that were stated. No other information has been recorded of Howitt playing since his loss.



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