Adam Milstein: Strengthening Communities

Adam Milstein has worked exceptionally well, creating a reputation unlike annyother. The commercial real estate mogul has spent his career crafting a diverse and trailblazing path.

Born in Israel, Adam has since grown to become a note-worthy name in both the real estate and investment industry.

After earning his degree from USC, Adam directed his focus into investments in commercial property. Struggling to find a job capable of offering a reasonable salary, Adam decided to work independently as a broker, eventually becoming an investor in the same field.

Currently serving as the Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He manages and oversees financing, deposition and property management for the company. Hager Pacific Properties is an American based firm, specializing in private investment and commercial real estate.

Utilizing his off time, Adam dedicates a wide range of his energy towards philanthropic endeavors and operates an impressive amount of organizations. He is co-founder an active chairman of the Israeli-American Council. The organization operates a host of programs aimed at strengthening the American Jewish community and the bond between Israeli-American people and relationships.

Along with the Israeli-American Council, Adam sits on the Board for a variety of other organizations including StandWithUs, Hasabara Fellowship, Jewish Funders Network, AISH L.A, and the Israel On Campus Organization.

As an entrepreneur, Adam Milstein acknowledges the amount of time spent on every endeavor. He believes real estate is an industry which takes time before seeing a profit. With an excessive amount of love for his chosen career, Adam combines all of his life experience into an array of projects.

Whether strengthening relations or building impressive commercial property, Adam is dedicated whole heartedly. His organizations helps educate the youth in positive ways. Some organizations even provide free books and scholastic work for over 15,000 Jewish famalies collectively in America.


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