Trending Tech Fashion and Its Uses Today

Christopher Burch concludes that the technological and fashion industries have undergone several changes over the years, and both advance together. Fashion, with time, becomes technologically fashionable; on the other hand, technology becomes fashionable. The two industries’ concurrent growth over the years is an interesting journey.


The boomboxes of the 70s, allowed consumers to enjoy their favorite stations and tunes. Again, with double cassette decks, they could be used to record while still playing music. In the 80s, the boomboxes were included in film story lines, which increased their popularity. Advancements in the 90s enabled people to personalize their music using the Walkman. After a decade, this personal experience became smaller after the launch of the iPod.


Dutch fashion designer, Anouk Wipprecht, said that technology resembles a playground where the deeper people go into systems and technology, the more rewards they get with endless options. Anouk has created a drink-making dress as well as a self-painting dress. She has called them the pseudomorphs and the DareDroid respectively.


Focusing on the Future


Fashions grow technologically to protect people. However, wearing bike protection like the helmet cannot be considered fashionable. Two designers came up with neckwear that has a deployable airbag for cyclists to protect their heads from impact. Furthermore, cyclists will have better visibility with the neckwear than a helmet.


Designers are re-using materials to design spectacular fashions. SegraSegra re-used bicycles’ inner tubes to design t-shirts and jackets. Emma Whiteside designed a gown using recycled radiator copper. Martin Soledad is creating shoes that convert motion into electrical energy so that when running or walking, a cell phone can get charged.


Fashion and Technology Work Together


Occasionally, fashion is used to promote technological creations. For example, wearing glasses has never been readily acceptable as a fashion statement. However, designer Diane Von Furstenberg promoted the Google glasses when she decided to include them in her fashion show.


Christopher Burch


Christopher Burch is the founder of New-York based Burch Creative Capital. Today, he heads the venture as its CEO. He is a serial investor with broad interests in various businesses and industries. He was born in March 1953. He applies his sales and marketing skills when promoting financial services, technology, hospitality, and consumer products.


Burch partnered with his brother to start Eagle Eye apparel. At the time, he was still a student at Ithaka College. They grew the venture into a $165 million empire and later sold it to the Swire Group. Burch has invested in real estate both within and outside the United States.

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