Securus Technologies promotes many benefits of video visitation

Securus Technologies, the largest provider of jail and prison services in the U.S., has begun a campaign to spread awareness of its products to those who could most benefit from their use. Securus’ giant product line is aimed at making prisons safer and more efficient while making a difficult time a little more bearable for inmates. It’s best known product is probably its video visitation service. This service has caught on like wildfire in recent years, becoming a great favorite of inmates and their families nationwide.


Securus is running ads through various media including television, social media and through Google ads. In addition, it is undertaking an outreach program to directly inform inmates and their loved ones about the compelling benefits of video visitation over traditional in-person visitation. This campaign has been a resounding success, as Securus’ video visitation traffic has nearly doubled in just the last year.



A long overdue relief for families


The modern U.S. prison system has evolved greatly since its inception in the early 19th century. Unfortunately, through all the progress that’s been made things had not gotten much easier for the families of inmates. Most state corrections departments don’t consider an inmate’s city of origin when choosing to which facility they are sent. In practice, this means inmates will often end up hundreds, or in the case of the Federal system, even thousands of miles from their loved ones. Until recently, this meant visitations were often luxuries undertaken only once or twice a year.


Securus’ video visitation eliminates the barriers of communication between an inmate and their loved ones. At just $2.72, the price of the average video visitation is often hundreds of times less expensive than in-person visits. Inmates who were previously cut off from their outside life now have hope and goals to strive for, thanks to Securus.



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