White Shark Media; Going Beyond Expectations

When it comes to digital marketing, White Shark Media has proven to be the leader in this area. White Shark Media specifically targets the medium-sized and small businesses across the United States of America. White Shark Media mainly focuses on conducting search marketing campaigns that are cost friendly for the companies they deal with. Also, the company has adopted a policy of offering the best customer care experience that one would wish for. For this reason, this firm has been identified as one of the fastest expanding digital agencies in the US. The company achieves its goals by ensuring that their customers boost sales through the use of online marketing tactics. White Shark Media has built a reputation of tracking its client’s marketing efforts and correcting them whenever necessary. This way, they have managed to help these companies compete with their peers in their industry of specialization. White Shark Media uses certain tools such as proprietary reporting software, google analytics integration as well as competitive intelligence to solve the problem facing their customers.


When the company was founded, it mainly focused on the USA and Latin America. White Shark Media was founded five years ago by three gentlemen from Denmark who had a lot of experience in online and offline marketing. Currently, the company has clients from different parts of the world and also has employees who hail from different walks of life. The firm has built a culture of sharing its experience and lessons with its clients. The company is very good at retaining clients as it still has the services of its first client. Also, White Shark Media has an employee base of over 150 people. The main services that White Shark Media specializes in include display advertising as well as Adwords Search, Bing ads and finally Google Analytics.


Due to its good services and reputation in meeting its client’s needs, the company was invited to Google Headquarters in San Jose where the company was honored with a task specifically for them. For this reason, they were recognized with the Google Adwords Premier SMB Partnership. This is an award that distinguishes them for the good work they do in digital marketing. Not only has White Shark Media drawn the attention of Google, but they have also drawn the attention of Microsoft. For their good work in digital marketing, Microsoft has identified White Shark Media as the Bings Ads Authorized Reseller. The Chief Executive of White Shark Media is Gary Garth. He says that the firm will continue its commitment to offering the best services to its client.

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